a car like mine but its a different colour DEAN'S PAGE

hi my name is dean and i am 35 years old and i work for a muffler shop and my boss is garry and he's really hard case and dad said i have to do a internet thing but i don't know anything about computers but quake is pretty cool.

well im now living with my partner bex. we have bought a house in deanwell and are living there. i have known bex since the 90s. she came to a prime divistation gig once but didnt get out much then because she had a young song (tyson)

well now we have three kids of our own. they are dakoder, bayleigh and baby brayden. fatherhood is the most awesome thing that has happened 2 me and bex is an amazing mum 2 our family. bex wants 2 have another girl so bayz has a playmate. WE'LL SEE!!!

bex's son tyson is also living with us and i am proud to announce that he has just joined PRIME DEvoSTATION as the new guitarist. when me and bex first started going out one thing i used to do was come over and hang out and teach Tyz how 2 play the guitar. welll as you can guess i am not a very good guitarist but he kept playing and now he has been deemed good enough to join THE WAIKATO'S PREMIRERE ROCK UNIT. it was a blow when darren left to join the party cover's band WHO SHELL NOT BE NAMED so we are stoked that not only do we have a replacement guitarist but it is FAMILY. also tyson was born in the same year that prime devastration was formed and he has literally grown up playing DEV songs so i cannot think of a better man for the job.

i was going to say something about sharee marrying uncle keith but as mum says IF ITS NOT NICE DONT SAY IT!!!

but i will say this: sharee has bad taste in men. jaysen the father of her daughter and my ex-mate owes me. he owes me $30. jaysen WHERE'S MY $30????? you don't borrow some money and then go to metallica and say you cant pay it back because you haven't got any cash. that was in the 90s. NEVER FORGET. ill smach you the next time i see you and YES THAT IS A TREAT!!!!!

i will have some pictures of my car which is a cortina and it is really grunty and i have had it since i was 19 and i bought it with the money i made working at mcdonads. i like

plus i am going to get my cortina painted BLACK. i have sanded it down and next weeked i am going to get the window's and the chrom taped over then i will paint it black and it is mat black which means that it does not shine. its going to rock
HERE IS THE WEB PAGE FOR MY BAND PRIME DEVISTATIONhow did those bloody carrots get there i can't rid of them