I kno what u are thinking? You are thinking "WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN UP TO LATELY PRIME DEVISTATON BECAUSE I HAVE NOT HEARD FROM YOUS IN A WHILE!!!!" well tell me about it. needless to say THE DEV have been very busy. So here is what we have been doing.
DEAN - Well it has been a busy time for prime Devistration's hard-ass drummer. Dean and his partner Bex have bought a house in Deanwell and are proud parents of Dakoder Ozzy Bruce McKay-MacDonald (4) and Bayleigh Nevaeh Doreen McKay-MacDonald (2) and also Bex's son Tyson (16). And we can now proudly announce that Bex is having another baby that will be a boy but we don't have aname yet!!! Dean says "BEING A DAD IS F****** AWESOME!!!!" also dean is looking for work as
JAYMEZ - we are sad to announce that jaymez and his partnet Shae-Anne have split. Shae-Anne has taken their kids and moved back to Tauranga so Jason now dvidies his time between the Waikato and the B.O.P. YES THIS MEANS that the classic Dev' song "SHAE ANN" is off the set list!!! Wbut we might change the name. if you can think of a girl's name that rymes with "SHAE-ANN" email us and let us know!!!!!!
DARREN - well after over 10 years as lead guitar player of THE WAIKATO'S HARDEST WORKING ROCK UNIT darren decided that he was too good for the dev and has now upped and left and joined a party covers band who will not be named here but i will say this: DARREN I DID NOT THINK I WOULD LIVE TO SEE THE DAY WHERE YOU WOULD NOT ONLY PLAY "THE LOVE SHACK" BUT WOULD ALSO SING THE MAN BITS IN IT. it is even on youtube. gutted
ALISTER - after doing his oe in london alister came back with a new batch of songs. he was originally trying to get THE DEV into "noo rave" which forced dean to take him aside and say "WHAT THE F***** DO YOU THINK UR DOING MATE??? HAVE SOME LION RED AND SOR T URSELF OUT@!!!!" but not to worry the PRIME DEVOSTRATION SOUND that we all know and love is back!!!!
NEW MATERIAL - so the band have been recording and will be releasing a New EP called "NIGHT OF THE BEAST III: Rock 2.0". this one is all bout embracing the cyber punk future while staying tru to the DEV"S hard-working rock roots. also new influences from "PANIC AT THE DISCO" "FALL OUT BOY" and "MY CHEMICAL ROMAN
keeping in line with PRIME DEV'Z new digital ethos this will ONLY be released online online via MP3 format. THIS IS AN EXPERIMENT FOR DIGITAL AGE!!!!
PLUS I HAVE ONE MORE THING SO SAY: when a band offers to play "O WEEK" for FREE it is very poor form to say "NO THANKS"!!!! just remember that next time you are trying to get bnands along to "5 bands for 5 bucks" night!!!!!
Dean mckay July 2009