stop asking what the dev has been up to lately ok here it is???

i was down at PACK N SAE and I ran into CRUISE who is a long-term supporter of THE DEV. and he said "WHAT ARE YOU C******s UP TO? WHEN WILL YOU PLAY LIVE AGAIN????" well i had to tell him that the DEV had been on highatus again due to family commitments ect but we are going to have a "20th anniversary reunioin soon"
PRIME DEVASTATIOn was actually formed 23 years ago when DEAN and JAYMEZ and DARREN and ALISTER were all in the 5th form and. and inspired by MELTALLICA they decided "WE GOTTA ROCK" and formed a band called THE METAL WARLORDS qualifying for the WAIKATO REGIONAL rock quest heat. and then it was 20 years ago that we decided "let's take this seriously" and so the band became PRIME DEVASTATION, and the hadrest working metal band in the WAIKATO-bay of plenty region was formed
since then PRIME DEVASTATION have played quite a few shows including the NOTORIOUS new years eve 1999 gig at the mount which will GO DOWN IN HISTORY as being the first and only gig that STARTED and FINISHED wtih a trip to the A&E!!!!
in the years, PRIME DEVASTRATION have released three EPs. they are: "NIGHT OF THE BEAST EP" (1997), "ROCK N ROLL TERRORIST" (2003), and NIGHT OF THE BEAST III: Rock 2.0" (2009). i know what you are thinking "where is NIGHT OF THE BEAST II? well we consider "ROCK N ROLL TERRORIST" to be part of the NIGHT OF THE BEAST trilogy but did not call it that out of respect to victims of 9/11
to celebrate our 20th (23rd) anniversary we will be playing some gigs and we will be playing all the eps in SONG ORDER, like Metallica did with MASTER OF PUPPETS 20th anniversary

and the other good news for all DEV supporters is that even though JAYMEZ has moved to Papamoa to be near SHAE-ANN and the kids, he will be coming back to HAMILTON for the anniversary gigs. and we might do a tauranga gig too
after DARREN's departure from the band we were not sure if we could go on. but then DEAN'S STEPSON TYSON stepped up to the plate and said "Iwill join". he has been a solid addition to the DEV, bringing in moden inspirations like IMAGINE DRAGONS.
alister has been urging the dev to "take an excursion into dubstep" but the group took a vote and said "GET REAL!!!!!" he says he will do a dubstep remix of NIGHT OF THE BEAST III. not sure if i want to hear that!!!
stay tuned for details of our tour!!!!
Dean mckay September 2013