TOUR NEWS "what about ur 20th anniversaty tour"

we always like to answer FAQ's from our supporters so here is one:

"How was the 20th reunion tour? Please give us an update ASAP."
Well we had four dates book. One was at the Fairfield taven (HAMILTON), one was at the Cambridge Workingman's Club (Est 1968), one was a "private venue" show in Te Awamutu and the other was at the Blue Wave Bar & Cafe in Papamoa(B.O.P.)
this is what happened: the Hamilton gig WENT OFF with a good turn out of PRIME DIVISTATION supporters young and old. it was agreed that THIS WAS PRIME DEVASTATION IN PEAK FORM so that was good.
it was great to see so many suppoters who have been there right from the get go when we were in the battle of the bands in the 90's. we were also asked "when are you C&$%#* going to put out a new CD???" well all I can say is "WATCH THIS SAPCE"
Then we heard from the Cambridge Workingman's Club that had double booked us with "THE FIDDLERS ON THE DECK" who were a folk band from the south Island. so we were UNCERAMONIOUSLY DROPPED. Message to the Cambridge Workingman's CLub: YOUR NAME IS A LIE. IF YOU REALLY WERE WORKINGMEN YOU WOULD OF SUPPORTED THE HARDEST WORKING BAND IN THE WAIKATO
then we went to TE AWAMUTU ready to rock and discovered htat the "PRIVATE VENUE" was actually just some mates of tyson's at tech in their flat/ but the DEV thought "shihad have played in lounge's so we can too" but then halfway through "NIGHT OF THE BEAST" noise control came and shut us down. WAIPA DISTRICT COUNCIL supporters of local music since NEVER
And we drove to papamoa for the gig only to discover that BLUE WAVE BAR & CAFE was now an irish bar called PADDY O'SHENANIGAN's and they had NO RECORD of a booking for the DEV and were not interested in having the waikato's hardest working rock unit playing there. whatever. Your bar is stupid and we didn't event want to play there anyway
we are currently working on a song about this experience


When PRIME DEVASTITION first heard of DEVIL SKIN we weren't sure what to think. one of the members of PRIME DEVISTRATION - who shall remaim anonamous - made a joke calling them "F***SKIN"
but after the DEV saw DEVIL SKIN play live at DIGGER'S we agreed that they are HARD ROCKING. There are also similarities between DEVIL SKIN and PRIME DEBISTATION:

  • both are 4 piece bands
  • both have father-son's (DEAN CONSIDERS STEPSON TYSON TO BE HIS SON)
  • both have hot chick's in the band (lol just kidding JAYMEZ)
  • both have name's that start with "DEV"
  • both qu
  • also the DEVIL SKIN album was the NUMBER ONE album in NEW ZEALAND for THREE WEEKS running which is not even something that the almighty KNIGHTSHADE managed back in the 80's.
    needless to say DEVIL SKIN ARE A SOLID ROCK UNIT AND THEY ARE PUTTING WAIKATO ROCK ON THE MAP. their album should be NUMbER ONE in every country in the world but probably everyone is into that stupid EDM britney crap that Alister is into. well you don't have to be forcefed S*** music YOU HAVE A CHOICE
    Dean mckay august 2014