something happened recently that we are not happy about and so we have released an official statement on the matter
So a while ago Dean's dad did the "WIKI MODULE" by local Cyber Guru Dave McCulloch. he learned about doing wiki's and he said to THE DEV "you should get on that wiki so you can get more publicity
the dev prides themselves on their GRASS ROTS fundamentals but once long-term Dev supporter CRUISE was trying to look up the DEV on the wiki for his grandson's school project. he messaged the dev to say "when r u c***** going to get on the wicki????" his grandson ended up doing his school project on "21 Pilots" whtever happened to kiwi rock?????
So we thought we need to get on this wiki thing and we collaborated as a band on a wiki entry
it was up for THREE DAYS before it was FLAGGED FOR DELETION
They said:
  • there were no references
  • the DEV wasn't famous enough
  • why would there be references when we are a hard working rock unit and not a library?
  • Dean's uncle is happy to provide a written reference
  • how is 25 year's as the WAIKATO's hardest working rock unit not famous enough?
  • we recently played a gig at the fairfield community summer jam
The page is now deleted but WE ARE TAKING A STAND. one of the dev's flagship song's is called "F***CK C***ENSORSHIP" and we feel passionate about that. "WHATEVE HAPPENED 2 FREE SPEECH??!?!?!"
just as well that DEAN's DAD took a screen shot and now here is the wiki page that THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO SEE!!!!
Thank you and have a happy nu year 2 u and ur families
P.S. yes it's true in 2018 the DEV will be releasing our FOURTH EP in the NIGHT OF THE BEAST TRILOGY, tentatively titled "NIGHT OF THE BEAST IV: MAKE ROCK GREAT AGAIN"
Dean mckay January 2018