People keep asking me "where the Ff@%@@$$@ have you c@&@&@&@s been????!!?!? Well despire rumiz 2 the contrary, NO PRIME DEVISTATION HAVE NOT BROKEN UP!!!! All of the band members have been busy with other committments (eg family, work, sports) and have not been able to dedacate as much time to the band as is ideal so that has meant that THE DEV had been forced 2 take a highatus for a short time
But the good newst is that NOW Prime Devistation is back in the rehersal studio and will be rehersing and RECORDING NEW MATERIAL SOON!!!!
I want 2 have a word about THE DATSUN'S. Now some ppl have said "aren't u pleased with the success of the Datsun's as another hamilton band who has done really well on an international scale. well I just want to say this: IF THE DATSUN'S THINK THAT PRIME DEVISTATION WILL FORGET ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED AT THE BATTLE OF THE BANDS IN 1997, THEN THEY ARE SORELY MISTAKEN!!!!!!!
I've been advised not to go into anyother details about THAT INCIDENT but I will say this: PRIME DEVISTATION WROTE "ANOTHER TRUCKER FROM HELL" AT LEAST FOUR YEARS b4 the DAtsun's started playing "M********f****** from hell"!!!!!!!
But we are not going to let that get us!!!! We are a STRONG FOUR PEICE HARD WORKING ROCK UNIT!!! Prime Devistation will soon taking the ALL NEW MATERIAL for a tour of PUB'S AND CLUB'S AROUND THE WAIKATO and then soong after that
Next then after the material had been WORKED and REFINED through the hard work of a touring band then the band will RETIRE TO THE STUIDO AND LAY DOWN SOME TRACKS. The new EP TENTITIVELY TITLED "ROCK N ROLL TERRORIST" will be released. And the GOOD NEWS is that it will also be released on CD this time!!!!!!! but not tape. merry xmas
dean mckay december 2003