Flowers for DoreenMy name is

Doreen Elizabeth McKay

and I am not going to tell you my age because a lady never reveals her age! I have been married to my wonderful husband Bruce for 22 years and he is a great man and a truck driver. (Actually Bruce and I have now been married for over 35 YEARS!!!! I attribute our long successful marriege to family values and God). I was a young bride at the age of 17, but I do not regret it.

Flowers for DoreenBefore I married Bruce I was Doreen Dawson so hello to any of the Dawson clan on the "internet" out there.

Flowers for DoreenI work as a contact centre supervisor for one of New Zealand's largest insurance companies and I like my job and I have been working there for over 20 years! My thoughts go out to the people of CHristchurch.

Flowers for DoreenMy hobbies include counted cross stitch which is find to be very interesting to do and it means that come Christmas and birthday's I don't need to worry about presents!!! I also like quality romance novels such as those by Barbara Cartland and some Mills and Boon and Harliquan novels. I am currently writing a romance novel which I plan on submitting to Mills and Boon and seeing if they will publish it. I won't tell you too much but it is set on a cruise ship not unlike "The Love Boat" and it involves a dashing young man like Richard Chamberlain.

Flowers for DoreenI also write short romance stories which I am attempting to sell to American romance magazine in the USA.
HOTEL ROMANCE - a story of young love at a fancy uptown hotel.
HOSPITAL ROMANCE - a story of love at a busy modern hospital.
OLYMPIC'S ROMANCE - a story of love at the 2000 Sydney Olympic's. I actually wrote this when I was watching the Olympic's on TV!!!
VAMPIRE ROMANCE - a story of love between a young woman and an ammortal vampire!!!
OLYMPICS ROMANCE 2 - a sequel to OLYMPIC'S ROMANCE, picking up at the 2012 Olympics

Flowers for DoreenI enjoy doing family work with the family councelling group with my local Fairfield Valley Church. Me and my husband Bruce help other couples who need to put a bit of spice back in their marriages.

Flowers for DoreenI live in the beautiful suburb of Fairfield in the beautiful city of Hamilton. Hamilton has got a beuatiful river called the Waikato (pronouced why-cat-oh) river running through it and it is very beautiful and Ilike living in Hamilton. It is a big city and I used to live in Masterton which is in the Wairarapa and it is different to Hamilton (hello to all the Dawson's in the Wairarapa!!!!)

Flowers for DoreenI have two children who I love very much. There is Dean and he is 35 years old (he still think's he's 21!!!) and he likes his cortina and he works for a muffler service repair center. There is also my daughter Sharee and she is 30.

Flowers for Doreen Well I am happy to announce that my daughter Sharee has finally got married to Keith FLinton who is an old friend of my husband Bruce and myself. In fact, Keith was originally going to be the best man at our wedding but had to go to THailand at short notice. So it was very special to have Sharee not only get married (at least!!!!) but to be able to share a special weddign with Keith. They are trying for children of their own. I hope they have some soon because "Granny McKay" has almost given up waiting for her only son to have some "McKay" grandchildren and not "McKay-McDonald"!!!! I would really like to see Dean put a ring on Bex's finger!!!

Flowers for DoreenAnyway that is enough about me. I hoped you like it.

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