The Mckay Family interests - things about us

Well you have probably looked at the McKay family internet site and thought to yourself "It is looking quite flash" well this is because Doreen and Bruce when on a course at the Fairfield Valley Community Center about doing internet web page design and they got taught lots og things and this is why it is looking so flash!! Thanks to our tutor Dave McCulloch!!!


well what have ibeen up to??? It has been busy with work that is that I have driven the ENTIRE LENGTH OF NEW ZEALAND within a week and I have never done that but it was a "must go" shipment (or truckment!!! (G)) and also there was the Family Beach Day for Jesus which was really good and a good tome.


Getting ready for Christmas time but that is a while away. I am being a grandmother to Mirhaiah and a mother to Sharee because they both need a bit of assistance at times! Also Bruce has "promised" me a trip to Hawaii but I don't think we can afford it so instead it looks like we might be going to Surfer's Paradise instead! While we are over there we might also stop in and visit Jason and tell him to marry Sharee.

But that is about me, here is newd from the rest of the family


prime devastation have recorded a demo we did ten songs on jaymez's brother's four-track and we got really pissed and we are going to be sending the demo to radio stations and record company's and to pub's who want a good solid rock and coverz band for new years and we WILL ACCEPT PAYMENT IN PISS so give us a ring and expect to hear NIGHT OF THE BEAST being played on the FAST AND FURIOUS SHOW on COMMUNITY ACCESS RADIO wednesday night's at 11 oclock.


My names is Sharee and I am a full time mum looking for part time work and I write poems. Also if you are in Australia tell Jaysen to come home. Have you noticed that I spell it "Jaysen" that is because that is how he spells it. I am respecting him. And things are pretty kewl and I did the Web Grrrrrrils page with Kylie.