Born on Friday 22nd May at 3.47 am was Jason Kirk Lars Palmer who is the son of PRIME DEVASTATION'S bass player JAYMEZ and his girlfriend SHAE-ANNE
Prime Devostation had finished playing at this guy who's doing a course with a mate of Jaymez's at tech's 21st and then Shae-Anne goes "Shit I think I am going to have the baby". Jaymez's van was loaded up with the band's equipment so everyone got in Dean's Cortina and went over to the hospital and it bloody well stalled at the lights on Ulster street near pizza hutt so we had to push start it but I would just like to say that THIS IS THE FIRST TIME THAT IT HAS EVER STALLED EXCEPT FOR THE TIME WHEN IT WAS REALLY COLD LAST YEAR!!!!!!
So we went to the hospital and according to Jaymez who was there SHae-Anne gave birth really quickly and the baby came out and it was a boy.
So it is called JASON KIRK LARS PALMER. Jason because Jason means "SON OF JAYMEZ" and also because JASON NEWSTED from Metallica is a FCUKING COOL BASS PLAYER!!!!! And he was called Kirk after Kirk Hammet who is also in Metallica and he a THE BEST GUITAR PLAYER IN THE WORLKD and LARS after LARD URLICH who is THE BEST DRUMMER IN THE WORLD!!!!!! Plus he is also sort of named after Jaymez Hetfield . And his initials are JKLP which is
And also Jaymez said to Shae-Anne wiil you marry me and she said yes and so they are going to get married in a couple of months time and PRIME DEISATION are going to play at their wedding. It's gonna go off!!!!