My name is Mihraiah Plant McKay-Watson and I am 15

hi i'm mihriah. my grandpa said i have to make a web page for this because it is a family tradition.


i am 14 and go to meville high. (now i am 15) my bffs are kourtnee, alyssa and brianna. i am bi which mum says is stupid because how can i be bi when i have only have a boyfriend and not a girlfriend? well my bf jordan is totally supportive and i love him so much!!!

i live with mum and her husband keith. he is really old. i wants me to call him dad but i call him uncle keith because that's what i used to call him when before he and mum were married. they are trying to have a baby which would be cool to have a little brother or sister. mum said i shouldn't do what she did and have a baby when i am still at school because it was hard for her especially when dad left and mum ended up going to tech and doing a business course and now she is a pa so it didn't turn out too bad for her.

dad lives in queensland with his partner liz and their five girls armeli, brielle, cerian, dansina and emleigh (they are named after the alphabet) they are all sooo cute and i love visiting them and i hope mum and uncle keith ahve lots of babies so i can babysit. and now they had had a cute little boy which they called "fred" after liz's dad who died of protate cancer. my dad says "six is enough!!! no more kids!!!!"

i really want to go over and live with dad and liz in ozz but mum says i have to finish school first. i think she's still jealous of dad and liz. they have been together since 2000 (they met at the millenium fireworks in sydney!!!) and liz was 17 then which is younger than mum and she's also quite pretty and mum has always had trouble with her weight and says she's never managed to loose the weight she gained when she was pregnant with me. so i think mum is jealous that i will like liz more than her. which is dumb.

anyway that is about my family and i'm not writing anything more. mum said i shouldn't spent too much time on the internet because there are pedo's but i have a facebook account that she doesn't know about!!!!

here is a link to an older thing that my mum wrote when i was a baby. she was pretending to be me.