"Hassling" BRUCE" is NOT ON!!!!

Yes hello BRUCE MCKAY here. Now it had been a while since I last updted my WWW internet "web" page but that is because i have been very busy with my job and with being a husband and a father and a grandfather and a husband and organising the 2001 family day "@" the beach.

But somethging has come to my attention and I feel that it is neccessarily for me to say "something" about it and to "have my say" because it

Now as you will know my name is BRUCE and that is a BLOODY GOOD NAME and there is NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. But I walked into the lounge and my daughter Sharee was watching the telly with my lovely granddaughter Mrihaha and I sat down and i said "now i wan't to watch Holmes so you'd better switch over to that when it start's" and I watched a bit of what they were watching and it was music video tv show and it had a song called "BRUCE" from a pop group called Rubicon.

Sharee says to me "you should watching thhis one dad it is about you it is funny" and Mirahah says "Bwoose" because she is just a wee one and can't say Bruce properly. So I watched this "video" and there was this white haired fellow prancing about and he was prancing about with another bloke who I thought was our primte minister HElen Clark because he had the same haircut as her and there was another one who bloody well looked like a muchkin from te wizard of oz because he was a short one and he had bloody plaits in his hair and he also looked like a girl.

bloody mongrels Here we see the one who looks like the pippy longstocking goblin and the one with the white hair called "martial" from shortland street and the one who looks like helen clark.

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And I was watching the song and there was a lot of jigging about and i couldn't bloody well work out what was going on so I asked Sharee and she said that the song was called "BRUCE" and that the chorus went:

"who would call a kid bruce anyway
the poor kid would have to hang his head in sham"

Well now that is just not on. I am not happy aboujt that at all especially since it is not even real music, not like "THE EAGLE'S" or "DAVE BDOBBYN" And I am not happy that my broacasting fee is going to fund their efforts at slandering a great name.

I asked Sharee if she knew who the name of the chap singing the song was and she said "IT IS MARTIAL FROM SHORTLAND STREET". Well I don't watch that rubbish so I WOULD NOT KNOW HIM FROM SOMEONE ELSE. And I'm not bloody happy about it.

Well that is all have I have to say on that matter and best of wishes of the season and MERRY CHRISTMAS and remember that JESUS is the REASON for the SEASON!!!!!

And my thoughts and wishes go out to those affected in the October 11 terroirism.


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