it has coem to the attenttion of PRIME DEVISTATION that a certain other hard rock band hailing from the Waikato (home of THE BEST BEER IN THE WORLD) has been talking sh*t about THE DEV on nzmusic
well firs tof all i would just like to say that i have issues with this alledged nzmusic website because when PRIME DEVISTATION attempted to set up a band profile we got told "no you cant do it because you are not a real band where are your gigs or your cds????"
well to that i say that why does it not count playing at the opening of dawson's auto repairs new dinsdale workshop???? there was a large audience and it was agree that THE DEV "went off"
but i suppose it only counts to play at "REAL" venues. oh like the Otorohanga Workingmen's CLub? is that real enough 4 you??? or what about the Morrinsville tavin???
i am "please to announce" that EL PRIME-O has finished it's six venue tour of the greater waikato and now having played our new material live we are now ready to head into the studio and "lay down tracks" for our new ep which will be called NIgHT OF THE BEAST II: ROCK N ROLL TERRORIST. this high-antipated recording is sure to be a complete sell out just like 1997's NIGHT OF THE BREAST WAS.
so if this certain other "band" wishes to talk shi*t about PRIME DEVASTRTATION then i will just say this to you:
- who is the hardest working band in the waikato but takes time out for family/work/sporting commmitments????
- who has been playing solidly since 1993?
- who COMPLETELY SOLD OUT of their frist EP??
- who was the MOST REQUESTED band at nz music mmonth "harden up ow" hamilton cover band celebration gig????
- who is recognised INTERNATIONALLY as one of the waikato's premiere rock acts????
if you answered PRIME DEVISTATION to all those questions well it just goes 2 show u who really is the winner on the day here!!!!!!!
dean mckay august 2005