Mrs Sharee Jane Flinton

Mrs Sharee Jane Flinton

I'm 30 (and proud!!!) and I am the mother of Miraihah (14) and the loving wife of Keith (59).

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Well there have been a lot of changes since I last saw you. The biggest change is that I am no longer Miss Sharee McKay. I am now Mrs Keith Flinton!!!! Yes, it's true. I am now a maried women which is something I have always wanted to do since I was a litle girl playing with my barbie's!!

So how did I come to be married? Well I will tell you! One day dad told me that his friend Keith (Kylie's dad) had been sentenced to 133 day's in jail for business fraud!!! Dad was really angry about this because Keith is a good guy and was totally lead ashtray by his accountant who has since skipped the country!!! So Dad formed a group called Justice 4 Keith Flinton and asked me to be the secretary because of my PA skills. I said yes.

Well as part of this group all of Keith's supporters would take turns driving to visit him in jail once a week. One day dad's hernia was playing up so he asked me to go insteadl. At first I was scared to go to a prison but then dad said "Don't worry Sharee - all the rapists and murderers are locked away in another part of the prison. You will be ok!!!" He was right!!!

So I visited Keith and told him about the notice we put up at the Pak 'n' Save. There was a genuine connection between Keith and I. Even though he is an old family friend and the dad of my best friend Kylie and I have grown up calling him Uncle Keith, for the first time I began to see him in a different light.

Dad went to visit Keith the next week, even though it wasn't his turn, and when he came back he had a funny look on his face and couldn't stop smmiling. And then next week the other Justice 4 Keith supporter suddenly couldn't go so I volunteered to visit again.

Keith said to me "Sharee I have been dreaming about you all week. I thought that when I came out of jail first thing I would do was probably go and get and escort to root but now my plans have changed. The first thing I want to do when I get out of jail is to marry you and then make love to you."

I was speechless!!!! I could not think of anything to say. Then Keith got down on one knee and said "Sharee Mckay, will you be my wife." He had even asked dad for my hand in marriage!! Well I knew just what to say: YES!!!!!!!

So finally Keith was released and we were married in a small but tasteful ceremony at the rose gardens with Kylie as my maid of honour, her daughter Pamlisa as my bride's mad and my daughter Mihriah as my flower girl. Finally I was Mrs Sharee Flinton. We also said a prayer for Keith's first wife Pam who died of cancer in the 2001.

Mum and Dad were totally over the moon. They are both quite old fashioned and believe in marriage. Mum said "we thought you'd never get married!!!" well now i have!!!

Because of Keith's business problems he cannot get a passport so we could not go on our honeymoon to FIji. Instead we went to Rotorua and had a great time at the hot pool's.

Me, Keith and Mihriah are now living in Keith's unit in Melville. Keith is a great step-dad to Mihriah and loves her heaps.

I never thought I would get married. After Mihriah's dad left for Ozzie I was devastated and thought I would never love another man again. I was fully ready to accept that i would reach my 30th birthday with a 13 yo daughter and no man!!! But what happened? I was married at 27 to a wonderful man!!!!

Next year is Keith's 60th and do you know what would be the best present I could give him? A baby!!! Fingers crossed we will get pregnant!



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