Well, here is my fifth attempt at a romance story. I am always trying to push myself and explore new forms of writing so this time I thought "what about a sequel?" (it worked for the Twighlight books! And Harry Potter!) so I thought I would write a sequel to my well-received story OLYMPICS ROMANCE (2000).

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Olympics Romance 2: London Love

By "Liz Dawson"

It had been a long time since the Sydney Olympics in 2000. It had been 12 years - 12 long years - since Gwennyth had fallen for Sven, the dashing swimmer from Sweden. Those had been magical days and Sven had vowed to stay in touch with Gwennyth when he went back to Sweden. But he had not. And when Gwennyth had contacted the Swedish Olympic swimming team, she got told "I'm sorry. Sven is training for the world champs. He is not available to take personal phone calls." Gwennyth was devastated as she had some very important news to tell him, but she brushed aside her tears and got on with life.

In the interim, Gwennyth had started her own catering business, Gwennyth's Edibles which was now one of the world's leading caterers of large-scaled sporting events. Gwennyth's Edibles had won the contract for the 2012 Olympics and she was now based in London for the duration of the Olympics. "Well," thought Gwennyth, "at least I know I won't run into that rat Sven as he is now too old to be racing in the Olympics."

One day Gwennyth was on site at the swimming venue. Suddenly a woman burst into the kitchen and said, "This is an emergency! One of the Swedish swimmers needs some Swedish meatballs! Can anyone make them?"

Gwennyth's heart skipped a beat. Could it be? Could her beloved Sven be back? With a rush, all the old emotions came flooding back. Gwennyth knew in her heart that she'd never stopped loving Sven.

Gwennyth said, "I am the boss and I know how to make Swedish meatballs. I will make them for you right now and deliver them to the swimmer!"

"Thank you very much," the woman said. "Deliver them to the swimmer at lane 10."

Gwennyth made the best Swedish meatballs she'd ever made. She'd show Sven. She'd win him back. Gwennyth took the meatballs out to lane 10 and was heartbroken to see Inga Bergman, the Swedish women's swimming champion.

"Here are your meatballs," Gwennyth said.

"Oh, thank you! I always have meatballs before I race. My coach insists on it and I always race well on meatballs!"

Gwennyth did not care. She wiped away tears from her eyes and made her way back to the kitchen. How foolish she had been to think that Sven would have been there. Gwennyth stood alone in the kitchen and wondered what had become of her long lost love.

"Hello Gwennyth." A familiar voice. Could it be? Gwennyth turned around.

"S-Sven! B-But... h-how?"

"Shhh, don't speak. I am Inga's coach and she gave me some of her meatballs. As soon as I tasted them, I knew exactly who had made them. Gwennyth, my love. I lost your phone number in Sydney. Will you ever forgive me?"

"Sven, I tried so hard to contact you but your coach would not let me speak to you."

"Ah yes, old Magnus. He was a great coach, but he never accepted that it was possible for a man to be in love and to be a champion swimmer. But that didn't stop me in Sydney, Athens or Beijing."

Gwennyth's heart sank. Sven had moved on. He had found another woman.

"I'm happy that you have found someone else," Gwennyth said.

"Someone else? Oh, Gwennyth. It's you. I have never stopped loving you."

Gwennyth's heart sang and she felt like she'd won every gold, silver and bronze medal in the venue.

"Oh, Sven! This makes me so happy. But there is something I must tell you first. When I left Sydney, I didn't leave alone. I was pregnant with our child. You have a son, a 12-year-old boy called Bjorn Svenson Campbell. I gave him a Swedish name and called him Svenson - son of Sven."

"Gwennyth, this is wonderful news. I have always wanted a son. Gwennyth, will you marry me and make our family whole?"

Gwennyth happily accepted Sven's proposal and they moved to Sweden and were married in an old castle. They lived together in Stockholm, deeply in love, and their son Bjorn won a gold medal in the Swedish junior swimming champs.