Here's a selective autobiography, and the best part is...

it's all true


My name is Robyn. My parents stuck my name on my birth certificate as Robin, but I didn't like that spelling to I started spelling it with a 'y' when I was 8 and legally changed it when I was 15. My brithday is 22 December 1974 and shut up about it being so close to Christmas because there's nothing I haven't already heard.

Educational Activites

I went to school for 13 years, left school with no definite plan so I did nothing much for two years. Then I did a media-studies type degree course at tech, but I withdrew a quarter of the way through the second year because it really sucked and I wasn't learning anything. I think I'm going to go to university and do a degree there. That might be fun. I've also entered the wonderful world of HTML. And I play my guitar.

Computational Devices

Something about computers. Everything I know about computers I've learned from watching my brother ir learning myself. I know enough ot get by, and some other stiff that is just cool to know. I have Texas Instruments laptop thing. TI is a good brand, for the sole reason that they used to make the Little Professor, an educational thing that helps with learning to do addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Very cool and it uses one nine volt battery.


I intensely like playing my guitar. My mother made me take piano lessons for two years when I was 10-11. I really hated it and even went as far as bandaging two fingers together, pretending I'd slammed them in a door so I could get out of a lesson. When I was 19 I bought a cheap little nylon string guitar, taught myself a few chords and with the help of the Reader's Digest Family Song Book, I found something very good. Since then I have got a better acoustic guitar, an electric guitar and a bass. I've also got a lot better at playing. I rock.


I love music. I like the Pixies. I really like the Pixies. I also like Frank Black and the Breeders (and even the Amps). I do actually like other bands, but I can't think of anything else at the moment... Music is a a subject I am very prejudiced and judgemental on. I refuse to comment on the Smashing Pumpkins. I recently bought a Smiths CD. I was actually surprised at it. It's quite good.

I'm just looking for a perfect wave...

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