Secret Passages

Come, let’s travel back in time to the mid 1990s. There’s the first version of my website and the page of the McKay family feat. the OFFICIAL website for Hamilton bogan band Prime Devastation. They should have been destined for greatness.

There were a few other things here, but 20 years later they just don’t feel right anymore. But the Wayback Machine has them, if you’re nostalgic.

Robyn’s Page of Various Assorted Stuff


This is the very first version of my website, as it looked when I first uploaded on 19 June 1996. Apart from a bit of cockiness (well, I was only 21), I’m still pleased with this as my first effort. It’s what the internet used to look like.

The McKay Family


This originally lived at Geocities and was intended as a parody of the sort of family website orchestrated by an enthusiastic parents and not-so-enthusiastic kids. But the McKays soon took on a life of their own.