630 Reprazent

I managed to get a hotel room in Bangkok. I ventured through customs, got some bahts, and jumped in the courtesy van and went to the Bangkok Airport Quality Suites hotel. The bits of the motorway and surrounding streets I saw looked quite appealing, in that hot, steamy Asian country kind of way. But as soon as I checked in I went to my room, turned on the air conditioning, got into bed (sans Thai manboy) and slept.

Several hours later (I’ve lost track of how long it took) I found myself in an aeroplane arriving at a place called Auckland in a country called New Zealand. I’m not sure how long I’m going to be here for, but according to my arrival card I live here, so maybe it’ll be for quite a while. I don’t seem to have a Lonely Planet guide, so it’ll be a while before I can figure out where the nearest toilet is to my lounge.

Gosh, I’m funny when I’m sleep deprived!

Lovely Thai ladies

OMFG. I have to spend 12 hours at Bangkok airport until my flight leaves. Of course it happens like that. I spent the last week bitching about the 24 hours of travel required, so it doesn’t surprise me that fate (or my travel agent) has whacked on another 12 hours.

Of course I would have known this if I had bothered to look at my ticket and/or itinerary. But it was hard enough getting to Heathrow on time. I think there might be rooms for rent here so I could possibly use the time constructively by sleeping.

How much is a baht worth, anyway?