Ho ho ho

My new favourite Big Brother housemate is Daniel. He is only a couple of months older than me and he is funny. And hot.

I’ve been getting lots of fan mail lately from guys who think I’m hot. The photo on my web site is about two and a half years old. At the time it was the best looking photo of a bunch I took with my camera on auto, but all these fellows seem to read a lot into it and come up all all sorts of meanings. I suppose having a web site called “Robyn’s Vagina”, oh, I mean, “Robyn’s Secret Passage” doesn’t help. I think I might have to put the burgerface pic back up.

Oh yeah, when i was at the supermarket I picked up the NW special Big Brother edition. It has a pull-out wall chart with all the housemates on it. I haven’t pull it out yet, but I am tempted.

Of greater interest is the map of the BB houses. I’m formulating all sorts of theories as to what is hidden and where. Like, at the back of the round house there’s a circular sandpit. The big theory is that there’s a spa pool hidden under that, but after the producers hid last year’s spa under some actual plants, why would it be so poorly hidden this year? And what of the soggy grass? No drainage in the lawn suggests that there’s something solid under that grass.

The other big theory area is how the houses will be united. I’m guessing that the wall in the garden between the two houses will be removed. The wall between the two houses might even get to be removed on the inside. And what about an indoor bathroom. There’ll have to be one when the winter months hit. OMG! This is so bloody exciting. All the rumours and intrigue are way more exciting than showering housemates.

Over the show

The first episode of the new Big Brother series aired tonight. OMG yes. I’m so addicted already. I’ve signed up to the web site and I’ve already caught up on the stuff that’s happens during the 24 hour delay between the show screening in Australia and New Zealand.

My two favourite annoying people care Carlo the loud, obnoxious soccer slut and Belinda the high heeled hairdresser. My favourite non-annoying people are Claire the bisexual PhD candidate and maybe Benjamin because when we last left him he was all alone in the round house.

What’s exciting is that one of the BB housemates who’s yet to enter the house is a fat lady. Of course she’s going to end up in the house because seeing someone that much overweight showering in the outside shower would make for excellent television.

Within minutes of the housemates first entering the square house, someone started singing that Big Brovas song. I hope that was the last time.

In solidarity for the 12 housemates I have decided not to leave the house for the next three months. Except for the times that I go out, that is.

(Remember “Kiwi Flatmates”? We prefer not to.)