Tying up

The Blenheim gallery opened at 1pm, so I paid it a visit. It had only two rooms, which is the same as the Raglan gallery. It wasn’t as much fun as the Raglan gallery.

Blenheim had a strange feel to it. While it wasn’t quite living in the past, it had a feeling like that somehow it had reached its peak in the 1950s, and anything done to the city beyond that didn’t quite fit in with the general vibe of the city.

Like, the most exciting thing was when I realised that the Blenheim Post Office was architecturally similar to the Auckland Central Police Station. It was a few stories shorter, but just as utilitarian and oppressive.

But I’m quite glad I visited Blenheim, cos it made Nelson seem really cool in comparison.

So today I’m just filling in time around downtown Nelson until my flight back to Auckland. I’m going to be a little sad to say goodbye to Nelson (which is being sunny Nelson today), but I must return to Auckland because that is the one place where I don’t feel like an Aucklander.