Pretend we’re dead

I’ve been amusing myself with the new world of things I can do with a computer that isn’t partying like it’s 2002. For example, I can surf the interweb and listen to music at the same time on iTunes. This means I can use Audioscrobbler, which will silently note down all my music choices before reporting them to the motherscrobbler, which then constructs a web page full of graphs and charts revealing to anyone who so chooses to look that I listened to MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This” 12 times yesterday.

I considered writing about all the stuff I’ve been doing in the last few weeks, but all I can really remember was that I played lots of computer card games and watched all three episodes plus the Christmas special of “The League of Gentlemen” on DVD and to top it off, I saw “The League of Gentlemen’s Apocalypse” at the film festival on Sunday and it was marvellous.

So instead of recapping anything, I will leave you with this picture of my head in Darkanus’ bloody hole.


This was from the Oats exhibit at the Special Gallery on Customs Street. There was an all-star line-up of DEAN (Andrew Dean, Garry Dean, Stefan Dean, Nodrog Dean and Casio T Dean), who played in a corridor. It was, rumour has it, their 12th gig in 11 years.

Meanwhile, in another room, the Oats collective exhibited their art works. When I was about 19 I thought the Oats guys were the one of the coolest thing to come out of Hamilton. It was a little strange to see them being all old and parenty now, but the goodness was still there, as evidenced by Adrian Ganley’s giant Darkanus. Plus, there were free pies and free beer.

Baby, it’s cold in here.

1. One of the full-timers at work is moving to another department and I’ve been offered (and have accepted) that position. So from sometime in early August I’ll be doing the ol’ 40-hour week. It still won’t be nine to five, though. Oh, no. Some weeks I’ll have to start work at 7am. And won’t that be fun on these cold winter mornings, kids?

2. My (stupid, crappy, slow, old) iBook refuses to admit that my ASDL cable is plugged in. This makes me angry and frustrated. I am currently on dial-up paying God-knows-what per hour.

3. Behold the driver of 275 bus who waits until about a minute before the bus is scheduled to leave the bus terminal before opening the doors and letting passengers on. Instead me and my fellow public transport users have to wait around in the cold bus shelters while the driver enjoys a quiet time inside the warm bus.

4. My toes are numb. It’s not so much winter that I dislike, but that 90% of houses in Auckland seem to be built with the attitude that winter is something that happens to other cities, but not Auckland. Did I mention that my last power bill was over $200? Yeah, that’ll teach me to ignore the meter reader’s knock.

5. Actually, this is about what I need at the moment:

  • slippers
  • a replacement car tyre
  • a cellphone (my crappy old one even has a broken screen now)
  • a fast, non-dying computer.
  • happiness

Money in my savings account: $5.