Drip III: Fixed

My landlord arranged for a roofing guy to come today. He showed up, I showed him where the leak was, he climbed up on the roof, found a couple of broken tiles, fixed them, and now when it rains I don’t hear water dripping in. Hooray! I’m still not sure about what has happened or will happen to all the water that’s in the ceiling. I suppose it’ll either find its way down to the ground or evaporate.


I went to the dentist today. He comment, just like my old dentist did, about how healthy my teeth are. He told me about another patient of his who had about six root canals, and the thousands of dollars it cost her, and all the pain she had to endure, and therefore how fortunate I was.

I never used to regularly brush my teeth when I was little. I only started when I was about eight and I got a tiny filling in one of my molars. Since then I’ve only had other tiny fillings in my molars. I only brush my teeth once a day, first thing in the morning. I hate going to bed with a toothpaste flavour in my mouth, and I don’t like brushing after eating. I do chew gum for a little bit after I eat something that has bits that get stuck in my teeth and might use floss if there are any bits stuck. And that’s about it.

Of course, it didn’t stop one of my teeth chipping when I bit down on a fork earlier in the year. The dentist smoothed that off for me, and now my tongue has nothing to play with.

Oh no

The new Strokes video was just on TV. I hate them because I downloaded, um, I mean bought, um, or was given a copy to review, their new CD. I listened to it once and haven’t listened to it since. Then I saw the “12:51” video and after a few seconds of seeing the Strokes doing their low key rock star thing, I melted and was ready to give my first-born son, my life savings and/or virginity to them.

Drip II: Splash

Uh oh… I can hear the sound of water splashing in water, meaning that a pool is forming. Ok, my iBook is going to sleep with me tonight.

My iBook normally lives on my coffee table in the middle of the room, and the water dripping sounds were coming from near one of the walls, so I was expecting that if water did some through the ceiling, it’d come straight down, away from my iBook and end up dripping on my stereo.

However, this morning I was woken up by the undeniable sound of water splashing. I leapt out of bed, ran into the lounge and discovered that the water in the ceiling was dripping down through the light fitting in the centre of the room. The water was landing in exactly the spot where my iBook would have normally been.

I’m so glad I moved it last night.


I want to write about the zine fair, but at the moment I’m distracted by the dripping noises coming from the ceiling. Earlier today I heard what sounded like one or two people up on the roof. I don’t know who they were or what they were doing, but it looks like some of the roof tiles have been damaged and now rain is leaking in and dripping onto the ceiling. Now it’s just started raining heavily, and the dripping has increased. Quelle pain in the arse!

This is an old building – at least 70 years old. Stuff breaks from time to time. I know my landlord is reluctant to spend huge amounts of money on the building, but he does get stuff fixed when it breaks. But every few months I think about moving somewhere newer and cheaper. I’ve even considered moving back to dirty old Hamilton because that would be cheaper.

Uh oh… I can hear the sound of water splashing in water, meaning that a pool is forming. Ok, my iBook is going to sleep with me tonight.