I want it several ways

I visited the James Joyce Museum today. It was raining and my shoes aren’t waterproof, so by the time I had walked from the train station to the museum, I was squeaking with moisture. The museum itself was ok, but the effort taken to get there didn’t equal the delights of the museum. I should just shut up and read “Ulysses”.

On the way back the train stopped at the Landsdown Road Station which is right next to the Landsdown Road Stadium where Westlife are playing tonight. As the train approached the station I could hear the sound of some fellows singings. As the train got closer I realised that I was listening to Westlife singing an a capella version of the Backstreet Boys’ song “I want it that way”. The vocals were crystal clear and in perfect pitch and harmony. It sounded – and I really do mean this – angelic. It lifted the spirits of the train passengers on this grey and miserable day. The train took off just as the song ended. Brilliant.

Tomorrow I am going to London!


Ok, first I must get this out of my system. OMG, it is rumoured that two housemates from each Big Brother house in the UK and Australia will very soon do a swap. OMG OMG OMG. The UK Big Brother house needs Regina. The Australian house would hugely benefit from Tania to inject some of her Tania-ness into the niceness.

Today I went to the Guinness Storehouse. It’s not actually the brewery itself, but a building that used to be part of the brewery and has since been converted into a very styley exploration of the making of Guinness and the associated cultural elements. Ya ya ya, it was all very good, but the most important part is that at the end of the tour you get a free pint of Guinness. There’s no faux Irish pub – instead there’s a really clean moderne bar at the top of a building that gives splendid views of Dublin.

I also went on a guided tour of Kilmainham Gaol. It was bloody interesting. The most interesting part was the courtyard were many pro-republican political prisoners were killed by the British less than 100 years ago. The area was marked with a black cross and the Irish flag. It made me want to join Sinn Fein or something.

Then I found Windmill-bloody-Studios. It’s covered with pro-U2 graffiti. It’d write more about that, but Henry Rollins said it much better, many years earlier.

Other than that, Dublin is really cool. Wish yiz were here.

Back on the Euro

I spent the last couple of days in two small Irish towns, Rathfriland and Enniskillen. These were only visited because some of my ancestors used to live there. Having visited these places I now understand why they left. Boring little village, boring little town. Then there was the potato incident, of which we shall not speak.

Today I visited Newgrange, which is a 5000-year-old burial chamber on a hill. On the winter solstice the sun shines directly in it. I got all claustrophobicish and didn’t like being in it.

But now I’m in Eire, Dublin to be precise. It’s really choice here. There’s a McDonald’s and a movie theatre. The Guinness factory tour awaits, as does the Oscar Wilde and James Joyce places.

Oh yes, for all interested parties, I shall be going to London on Saturday and leaving the following Thursday.

And how about those changes to the Commonwealth working visa thing? Now the age limit has been extended to 30, so I could do the big OE thing after all. And I could work in my profession (whatever that is).