And this I know

You know what I’m going to say, so I’m just going to say it. The Breeders rocked. It was such an excellent concert. It ruled in so many different ways.

I’m going to write more later, but I feel it is necessary to note this: they played “Gigantic”. And that’s not supposed to happen. Everyone says that Kim Deal doesn’t like playing her Pixies songs, but there it was, the first song of the encore. Mando started playing the bass and there was this collective feeling of “no way… it’s not… it is!”. At the end everyone was singing along with “a big, big love”. It was one of those wonderful rock moments, not unlike when I saw Johnny Marr and Neil Finn do “How Soon Is Now”.

But they also played a whole bunch of Breeders songs, some Amps song, one Kelley Deal 6000 tune, and finished with a punk classic by Fear.

Sweet as.