Baby, I just can’t get enough of your sweetness

Flu vaccination
1. Work had free flu vaccinations.
2. I’m not sure if I’ve ever had the flu, but it seemed like a good opportunity to take.
3. The injection itself didn’t hurt. I’m OK wit’ needles.
4. But now there’s a lump where the needle went in.
5. And I have hives on my legs, which is what happened last year, dammit.

1. I was getting a bit of the old RSI in my hands and arms from all the typing I do at work.
2. To help with this, I’ve started doing hatha yoga, which is the gentle(-ish) stretchy one.
3. Immediately this has made me aware of my lack of strength and flexibility.
4. But learning all the new stuff is fun.
5. I did a shoulder stand on Thursday, which was very cool.

1. There’s a homeless guy who gets on the bus at the terminal.
2. He has a big bag of stuff that he puts in the aisle, blocking it.
3. He gets off at the first stop, only a few hundred metres up the road.
4. He shouts loudly when he gets off the bus, possibly to let the driver know.
5. He disappears into a dark empty lot on Anzac Ave.

Netguide Awards
1. I managed to get a free ticket to the Netguide Awards last night.
2. I arrived late and saw Trade Me win a bunch of awards.
3. I hung out with both winners and losers. Neither were sure if winning/losing was a good thing.
4. The salmon was really good.
5. Free booze and good people is an excellent combination.


ITEM: I saw a political campaign sign being erected today. This surprised me because I always thought they were put up in the dead of night. (Oooh…) But walking home I saw three blokes struggling with getting a wooden frame vertical. Wanna know which party they were representing? Destiny. They were wisely not going for an Epsom electorate vote, just pushing for a party vote. But I refuse on principle to vote for any party with a name like the baby of a teenage mother.

ITEM: My neighbour is having an affair with a woman who is engaged to another man. The couple are Christians, but the fiance is more so than the fiancee, and refuses to have sex until they marry. The fiancee has needs and is getting those needs fulfilled through my neighbour. My neighbour is trying to not to fall in love with her, but, you know, it’s hard for him because he feels a connection. She says it can never be, as my neighbour is not a Christian. I learned this information on Saturday morning as I lay in bed doing sudokus while he told a mate the details of his love life right outside my bedroom window.

ITEM: Today at work I visited the place where all the video tapes are kept. It was interesting to see, but I secretly found myself getting excited at all the Lundia shelving. See, I have too many books and one little bookshelf and much of the floor around my flat to accommodate them. I regularly fantasise about having a wall full o’ lovely Lundia to put all my books in. Today was like a shelving porno dreamland.

Paper, pens, scissors

ITEM: I spent last week at te whare whanau in Raggiz. I discovered that TV2 is now showing the new series of Australian Big Brother at noon every week day. It’s brilliant. There were twins masquerading as one guy and everyone are dirty hos and shower with no clothes on.

ITEM: I got a copy of my credit report. By law, credit check agencies now have to provide you with a free copy of the information they hold on you. My credit report has only been requested thrice, all in 1998 when I opened a bank account, bought a cellphone, and got a couch in hire purchase. Since then, The Man has not been interested in me. The report also notes that “NO ADVERSE INFORMATION COULD BE FOUND ON THE SUBJECT.” How dull!

ITEM: I watched the first two episodes of “The League Of Gentlemen” on DVD. It’s this BBC comedy series first made around the time my credit record was being checked, and is curious blend of sketch comedy/horror/mysterious unknown element that makes it great. It makes me desire a decent New Zealand sketch comedy series (early Havoc was promising).

ITEM: I have a dehumidifier. It has gleefully reduced the humidity in my boudoir from over 80% to about 55% now. This is excellent as I was not looking forward to a winter of moisture.

ITEM: Oh, wow! There’s a new series of NZ Idol starting soon. Are all the potential contestants crossing their fingers and praying to the Baby Jesus that they don’t win and instead come second? Stay tuned to the NZ Idol LJ community for expert crackpot theories, professional arse analysis and more.

ITEM: My parents have Sky and it seems to be stuck on the Living channel. As a result I am now au fait with a few scrapbooking terms. For example, if you write some bad poetry on a piece of paper using a gold pen and glue this into your scrapbook, this is called “journalling”. If you want to make your special wedding anniversary page look even more special, you can stick this semi-opaque paper called vellum over the top of it. You can also stick love hearts and teddy bears on vellum and do some journalling for that extra special touch.

ITEM: I’m also au fait with sudoku, but for the record I would like to state that I am not doing any bandwagon jumping here. Oh no. See, I’m old school and have been inserting numbers in grids since back when they were called “Number Place” puzzles in Dell puzzle magazines. This means I’m really cool, right?