Shamrocks and Shenanigans

It was St Patrick’s day, so I was on the look out for merriment. But I was most surprised when, on K Road, I spied what appeared to be a man wearing a Santa suit, complete with a long white beard. But he smelt like paint (had he been painting toys?) and he was staggering along the footpath. I looked again.

It turned out to be a guy wearing a baggy red tracksuit. The long white beard was created by him holding up a white T-shirt over his mouth and nose to help hide the bag he was inhaling solvents from (green paint, perhaps?).

Over at the over side of the colour wheel, there were plenty of people dressed in green and staggering down the footpath, participating in various kinds of St Patrick’s Day festivities.

I saw some guys, who sounded American, wearing those green plastic hats, which I associate more with American Irish (the madness of Boston) than Irish Irish.

The Belgian bar down Vulcan Lane seemed to be doing a roaring trade. Well, you know, beer, mashed potatties – who cares what country it’s from?

At work, there were scones with green whipped cream. They seemed to be quite popular, but the green was too much like that green food mould to stir my Irish blood.

Hey, how do Irish celebrate St Patrick’s Day? Not by dying everything they eat green, I’ll bet.

Here’s a cookie for ye.

How one celebrates St Patrick's Day, Part 1

Brazil, nuts

I went to Brazil cafe this afternoon before work. There was a sign up on the counter announcing that K Road icon Brazil would be closing for good on September 30! Whoa, there!

I will quickly make a list of reasons why Brazil is (not yet was) lovely.

  • The coffee.
  • The peeling paint on the ceiling that kind of looked like a map of a strange world.
  • The steep steps that are easy to walk up but tricky to walk down.
  • The old bus seats.
  • The coffee milkshakes.
  • The sticky varnish on the tabletops that will rip your newspaper if you’re not careful. That’ll teach you to read.
  • The coffee menu displayed on the old computers.
  • The beaten-up industrial fittings.
  • The pinball machine.
  • The faded glory of the old Mercury Theatre days.
  • The fierce espresso machine.
  • The music, which usually includes some sort of drum and bass.
  • The perfectness for it as a morning-after recovery place.
  • The dirty boys who hang out at the bar, drinking espressos, telling unfunny jokes.
  • The coffee, the coffee, the coffee.

Brazil have a box where you can write down and share your memories of the place.

K Road is, without a doubt, changing, but I’m not sure what it’s changing into.


Here’s the notice about the closure:

Sad news

And I’ve taken a few photos of Brazil. Click the latte to see more.

Latte at Brazil

Update 2

The Herald has an article about the cafe’s closure.

I want your X

I discovered today that Village Queen Street charge $14 admission all day, every day for “blockbuster” films. So when I went to see “X-Men 2” today I couldn’t get my usual concession for $7. I told the ticket guy I’d wait until it stopped being a blockbuster.

I want to moan about movies costing $14, but compared to overseas prices, that’s cheap. Movie prices seemed to be tied to real estate. If the cinema’s in an expensive building, tickets are more likely to cost more.

Apparently movie tickets in New York are the most expensive prices in America. I think it works out to being about NZ$20(!). When movies like X-Men, Lord of the Rings and the Matrix get an international release on the same day (which actually means that NZ gets to see it first in the world, oooh!), it’s so not worth complaining about $14 for a ticket when the experience you’re getting is just as good as (if not better) than what you’d get in New York, London or Sydney for more money.

I found this $2 tower of lip gloss at Rendalls. It seems to be good enough quality and the colours aren’t crazy old ones. Yay for cheap girly stuff.

Oh yeah, speaking of Rendalls. It looks like the Rendalls on K Road is moving out of the old “Rendalls of Karangahape Road” building and into the old McDonalds building. And it looks very much like a gym will be opening up in the Rendalls building. I’ll miss that Rendalls store because it was big and the downstairs homewares department always had cool stuff in it. I hope that the gym people do good things with the building and don’t do a half-arsed modernising job.