My Record Collection

Possibly the oldest page on my site is “My Parents’ Record Collection”. It’s been up there for over five years and I hadn’t given it much thought until a couple of weeks ago when I bought a single. As I added it to my own record collection, I realised that I had this collection of vinyl that was as potentially as embarrassing and hilarious as my parents’ collection. So here we go, from music geek to ironic hipster, to flatmates, to rock chick, it’s all* here.


Lou Barlow and Friends – Another Collection of Home Recordings
I used to be a huge Sebadoh fan (back with maniacal Bob Fay and cool Jason Loewenstein, when it wasn’t just he mopey-ass Lou Barlow experience) so I of course I had to buy this. It features a terrific cover of Bryan Adam’s “Run to you”. Side one, disc one is excellent, the rest is a little dull.

The Breeders – Climbing the Sun b/w Forced To Drive
This turned up in the mail one day. I’ve listened to it a few times but it didn’t do much for me. Fortunately Kim Deal’s got off her pot-smokin’ ass and recorded a new album.

The Hollow Grinders – Bradley’s Dunny Crouch b/w Theme from “Bastard Squad”
My most recent vinyl purchase, and like the Lou Barlow recording this one is also pressed on clear orange. More good stuff from New Zealand’s surf instrumental gods.

King Loser – Stairway to Heaven b/w Exit the King
I was in Crawlspace and saw this so I bought it. It’s really just so I can complete my little King Loser collection. It’s a much better version of “Stairway to Heaven” than on the album, it has this neat twinkly sound just before Celia sings “stairway to heaven”.

Celia Mancini – Kiasu
Ms Mancini’s solo effort, a three-track single, including a short version of “Born to be wild” (just like it was on that old car ad). The sleeve is better than the recording. That doesn’t mean it’s shit, just that I like the sleeve design better.

Pixies – Debaser (demo) b/w #13 Baby (demo)
In 1997 4AD released two Debaser CD EPs, and one single. So of course being the hard core Pixies fan that I am, I had to buy them. I think I listened to this a few times (“ok, another version of Debaser, cool”).

Teen-X-Ray – First Song Off Angst b/w Long Gone
Rumour has it that it’s a cover of the Bryan Adams “Long Gone”, but I have no way of finding out because it’s such a crappy lathe-cut single that it won’t play properly. But it came with a comic, so that was ok.


Rick Astley – Together Forever
It’s not just “Together Forever”, it’s the “Lover’s Leap Extended Remix”. I tried to leave this at one flat I was moving out of, but my flatmates saw it and made me take it. I don’t recall buying it, I just seem to have acquired it.

The Breeders – Head to Toe
This is one of my favourites. Nudie embroidery on the cover and three good songs – “Head to Toe”, a punky love song, and covers of Guided by Voices “Shocker in Gloomtown”, and Sebadoh’s “Freed Pig”. This is ironic because Freed Pig was written by Lou Barlow about J. Mascis and J. produced this version of it. Ironic.

De La Soul – Say No Go
I think I bought this because it has a cool cover (bright pink, “De La Soul” in green, “Say No Go” in yellow and a couple of white flowers. Also it brings back happy 1989 memories.

Village People – Macho Man
Ok, check this out. Side one: Macho Man; I am what I am. Side two: Key West, Medley: Just a Gigolo, I Ain’t Got Nobody; Sodom and Gomorrah. There’s also the age and star sign of all the members (including really hairy leatherman), and a picture of the boys posing with their beskivvied producer, Jacques Morali.


Bryan Adams – Reckless
Try a little Bry and kiss your lonely nights goodbye.

Burt Bacherach – 13 Burt Bacherach Hits
Burt Bacherach – Make It Easy On Yourself
Various – Tribute to Burt Bacherach

I own three Burt Bacherach albums? How’d that happen? Unlike other LPs that I can specifically recall purchasing, I have no recollection of buying any one of these three.

The Beatles – White Album
Because, like, dude, it’s the white album. A lot of the songs on here have been covered by other artists. Some of it’s dorky, other stuff’s rockin’. And why don’t we do it in the road?

Camper Van Beethoven – Key Lime Pie
I have never listened to this. I bought it because it seemed cool. “Camper Van Beethoven, eh” the man in the record store said. “Yeah,” I replied.

The Clash – The Story of the Clash
It’s just a really good collection of 28 of the Clash’s best songs. I have this on CD too, but I reckon it’s worth keeping on vinyl because the sleeve and liner design looks so good that big.

The Cramps – RockinNReelinInAucklandNewZealand
I bought this because it had a cool name, but it’s a pretty good record too. It’s a bit scratched, but I like “The Hot Pearl Snatch”. It was recorded in 1986 at The Galaxy (now known as The Powerstation – thanks to JDE for this information).

Waldo De Los Rios – Hits For Old and Young Swingers
“During the last few years the music of Spain has become involved in the world of pop, that is not to say the traditional folk music has been forgotten, far from it, but pop music has arrived, Top 40 radio and all that goes with it, teen idols etc.” I’ve never listened to this. I think I bought it for its title.

The Go-Go’s – Beauty and the Beat
The Go-Go’s – Vacation
The Go-Go’s – Talk Show

I heart the Go-Go’s. They did the right combination of pop, punk and surf. Every album seems to have one big hit, some lesser hits and a bit of filler. I reckon their uber greatest hits collection “Return To The Valley of the Go-Go’s” is their best release.

David Hasselhoff – Lovin’ Feelings
According to the production credits, this was recorded in Auckland. The Hass poses on the front cover with an open-necked dinner suit. The album is a collection of “romantic” neo-standards such as “How deep is your love” and “You’ve lost that lovin’ feelin'” I may have listened to it once.

Michael Jackson – Bad
I think this belonged to a flatmate who left it in my room. I’ve never listened to it, but I know seven of the ten tracks anyway. Sample lyrics: “Hoo hoo! Dancin’ – Hee! Doggone lover!”

Earl Klugh – Heart String
I think this was my old flatmate’s dad’s record. Somehow it ended up with my stuff. I’ve never listened to it, I don’t even know who Earl Klugh is. This record features “Acoustic Lady Part I and II”.

James Last Band – Trumpet A Go-Go
Hey, how’d this get in my record collection?

Henry Mancini – Award Winning Hits Of
It’s got all the hits. All of ’em. All 20 of them. And I’ve never played this record. Never. Not once. Interestingly enough, it has the theme from “Shaft” which was written by Issac Hayes.

The Modern Lovers – The Modern Lovers
I read somewhere (Spin magazine, perhaps?) that Jonathan Richman (the guy singing up a tree in “There’s Something About Mary”) was really good and that the Modern Lovers were a really good band. I don’t think I’ve listened to this, though maybe I’ve heard “Girl Friend”.

New Kids on the Block – Hangin’ Tough
I either bought this in a fit of mid-90s ironic consumerism or acquired it from a flatmate. I’ve never listened to it. I think the important thing is to hear the New Kids’s message: “New Kids On The Block Say “No To Drugs” – “Peace””

The Smiths – The Smiths
This was the first Smiths album I bought. To have it on LP seems like a pretty cool thing. Like maybe I really was into the Smiths in the 1980s. Yeah, I’ll let people think that.

The Who – Who’s Better, Who’s Best
I bought this when I was learning the guitar and was trying to get familiar with “Pictures of Lily”. I think that was part of the power chords lesson. I don’t dig The Who. They’re not talking ’bout my generation.

And I don’t even own a stereo, let alone a record player.

* All except for this MC OJ and the Rhythmn Slave EP, which I think is in my parents’ record collection.

My Parents’ Record Collection

My first purchase of a recorded piece of music was a compilation tape called “The Hit Zone”. I was 10 years old and I only bought it because it has “The Power of Love” by Huey Lewis and the News on it. Sadly the tape broke a few months later due to it being left unprotected and getting dust and stuff inside it. This has since taught me that tapes, records and CDs come in protective cases for a reason.

But before I started buying my own music. I got my musical thrills partly from my parents record collection. The record collection was definitely part of my childhood and has shaped me and made me the person I am today. A bit.

Before my parents got married they both had their own record collections. My father had a variety of records including classical and those James Last records that people are getting into at the moment. He had a method of cataloguing them with little labels that were numbered. My mother had no cataloguing system. When they got married and combined their records the one record that was doubled was the soundtrack to the film “Dr Zhivago”.

My parents belonged the World Record Club, which, in the late seventies, sent out complimentary records. This is supposedly the origin of musical masterpieces by such respected artists as Rolf Harris, Nana Mouskouri and a personal favourite “Non-stop Party Hits”. It is also the origin of the album that everyone’s parents has, “Hot August Night”, by Neil Diamond.

Here’s a list of the best and the most distinctive albums in my parents record collection.

Victor Borge – Caught in the Act
Nimble-fingered Vic goes off.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Soundtrack
It’s a cool movie and Henry Mancini’s score is good.

Neil Diamond – Hot August Night
Everyone’s parents has this. A classic.

Dick Hyman – Moog
Scary moog music, best song title “The Legend of Johnny Pot”. Also, this guy has a very scary name.

Hair – Soundtrack
I got into this when I was about 13. It is a very cool musical.

High Society – Soundtrack
“Well Did You Evah!” I haven’t actually listened to it, but the cover, with Bing, Grace and Frank, haunts me…

The Geisha – Feilding Community Players
This is a record of a musical my mother was in in 1960. She was one of the four Tea Girls.

Gilbert and Sullivan – The Mikado
I haven’t heard it but the cover is cool.

Golden Hour of Best Loved Fairy Stories – Famous people
Like Laurence Olivier and Roger Moore. I used to get so frightened when I heard Roger’s reading of Snow White.

Arlo Guthrie – Alice’s Restaurant
I used to laugh at the cover photo, but one day I listened to it and yeah, it’s good!

Rolf Harris – All Together Now
I just don’t dig this.

Francis Lai – A Man and a Woman
Un Homme et un Femme. I haven’t listened to it, but it has a cool cover.

James Last – Trumpet A Go Go
Very cool. Impresses some people.

Nana Mouskouri – The Magic of
“Ypomoni” rocks the house

Mike Oldfield – Tubular Bells
This is a bit of a classic Parents Record Collection album. Warning on the back “This stereo record can not be played on old tin boxes no matter what they are fitted with. If you are in possession of such equipment please hand it into the nearest police station”.

Music for the Millions – I don’t know…
Cute cats on the cover, and Bach’s classic “Happy Am I, That I Possess Jesus”.

Bobby Richards Orchestra – Great Film Themes III
There’s a cool Manhattan skyline at sunset on the cover.

The Seekers – Seen in Green
Psychedelic squares.

Simon and Garfunkel – The Graduate
An excellent movie with a great soundtrack.

Tchaikovsky – 1812 Overture
The one with the big bangs in it. I haven’t listened to this.