It’s all good in the ‘hood

I’m very excited, cos I just found this article on the Herald’s website:

P-lab found in old dairy factory

Police have found a methamphetamine lab at the old Matangi Dairy factory.

Waikato police found chemicals used in the manufacture of methamphetamine, or P, at the factory east of Hamilton.

A specialist Auckland P-lab team has been called in to investigate the factory and the area is being guarded by armed police.

See, this is where I grew up. My house was about 500m from the dairy factory. Of course, back in the ’80s Matangi was a bleak, dull place. Back then it would have been really exciting to have the crack Auckland P-lab team swoop down on the place. (But, man, my mum would have worried.)

I don’t even know what Matangi is like any more. When I moved to Hamilton in 1992, Matangi was slowly filling up with “lifestylers” – the sorts of people who worked in Hamilton and lived in the countryside. But maybe it’s gone all ghetto now.

I think I’ll have to write some hardcore gangsta rhymes about my childhood.