Fluff and nonsense

I met up for coffee today with a few MCC people. It’s actually really cool how we can all sit around and talk about all the cool stuff we’re doing. The bling isn’t rolling in yet, but it will be eventually.

Meeting up with people for coffee during a weekday seems so cool. I’m not sure why. I should do it more often.

At the table next to us were a couple of mothers with small children. The mothers had coffees, the kids had fluffies. Ah, the fluffy. A small espresso cup filled with milk foam, sprinkled with chocolate powder and possibly a marshmallow, or if you’re really lucky a mini chocolate-marshallow treat. Some cafes charge about 50 cents or a dollar for a fluffy, but others let kids have them free.

I guess the theory behind the fluffy is that a) it’s something for the kids so they can be just like the grown-ups. While a cappuccino would cause a typical three year old to turn into Satan, a little cup of milk fluff would be harmless. Unless they were lactose intolerant. And then b) it familiarises the kids with cafe life, readying them for a life of latte addiction. The younger they start, they more they spend.

But when I think back to all the kids in cafes I’ve seen, I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen a child enjoying a fluffy. The average kid will eat the marshmallow and then go and play in the sandpit or throw things at the cafe’s cat. Why could this be? Oh, maybe it’s because a small coffee cup filled with milk foam is really boring and that no one – adult or child – would willingly eat one.

No, that can’t be right. Fluffies are fun!!!

Time is never up

Possible career paths:

Children’s TV host
Madame Butterfly
Agony aunt
Katherine Mansfield
Speech writer
Go-go dancer
1940s Hollywood actress
Children’s fantasy novelist
Lion tamer
Cake decorator
Reckless hoon
Truck driver
Hosting collagen parties
Radio presenter
Serial killer
Lois Lane
Female America’s Cup crew
Mad hatter
Prime minister
Solo round-the-world yachtswoman
Old fashioned diver
Nanny to the stars
Private detective
Secretary of the president of the United States
Leader of an expedition
Head of genetics police
Forensic scientist
Gun-toting scientist

Stainless steel

Today I had to come up with five people I admire, and figure out why I admire them. I realised that while the five people I came up had admirable qualities, they also had equal parts that I didn’t admire. Yes, my heroes are arseholes.

One of the other people on the course listed a guy I went to school with as one of the people she admired. He was a cool, interested person back then and didn’t take his sunglasses off for the seventh form photo.

Walking home I saw a radio DJ walking the other way. He looks taller and skinnier and healthier than he looks in photos or on TV. He was listening to a Walkman, I was listening to a Walkman. I accidentally smile at him (it slipped!) and he smiled back. R@d!

I saw a wedding party drive past. Having 13 February as your wedding anniversary means celebrating that one day, then the next day celebrating Valentine’s day. So Valentines day will probably get pushed to the side because the couple will figure that there’s no point in doing flowers and dinner for two days in a row.

Robyn vs Kung Fu Girl

“You’ve beaten my Kung Fu skills!”

Last year I did this three week program called WorkTrack. I didn’t want to do it. They made me. There were the recent migrants, the recent school leavers, the laid-off labourers, the women in their 40s, and me. My fellow course attendees soon picked me as the creative, interesting person, and the one with no fear of getting up in front of the group when they needed someone to explain the brainstorming session results.

Two guest speakers got us to do a little join-the-dots exercise that was supposed help us learn to “think outside the square”. Literally drawing lines outside a square is not quite the same as learning to think laterally.

It was interesting, but I found it boring and ultimately frustrating. The careers counsellors couldn’t figure out what kind of work I should be pursuing and I left with a badly-written, inaccurate “professional” CV, but no idea of great career direction.

So I was at a gig a couple of weeks ago and a friend of mine was like “OMG! Why aren’t you doing the PACE programme?” I’d actually discussed it with one of the career counsellors back on WorkTrack, but she’d said I didn’t have any qualifications or relevant work experience, so I should get a job on a call centre instead. But with my friend’s enthusiasm I made an appointment with my case manager and not only am I on PACE, but I’m now doing a year-long programme about developing creative and business skillz. r@d!

Which brings us to Kung Fu Girl. Today on the programme we were doing this neat little mind control exercise (yeah, doesn’t it just sound like a cult?) which resulted in her not being able to bend my arm due to my superior mind control skills (totally freaky cult) and she made the comment about me having beaten her Kung Fu skills.

And that’s way more fun than WorkTrack ever was.