I had early morning (i.e. 10am) coffee with a few members of the MCC. It was good socialising with them, because there never seemed to be much time to do at during the course. On the last day of the course I gave everyone a copy of my zine, so there was a bit of feedback on that. I like how everyone who’s read it and talked to be about it seems to like different things. One of the MCC fellows liked the backwards writing because he’s dyslexic and it somehow makes it easy for him to read.

After that I wandered into the city and ended up running into Murray, so I had lunch with him. I forgot how much fun he is. Actually, I feel the need to note the the chicken in the chicken and vegetables I got from the Chinese place reminded me of the flesh gun in “Existenz”. Ya, so Murray revealed that Ryan was in town and was possibly having a shindig tonight.

After lunch I wandered along Queen Street and had a ramble through Smith and Caughey. The ladies toilets have been magnificently revamped. It’s very, very classy now. The eating establishment on the second floor is now a restaurant. It was previously a cafe, and prior to that, tearooms. I like the tearooms style the best because it had this really cool late ’60s decor, including a really neat booth design (excellent for evesdropping, according to my mum who, it should be added, has stolen teaspoons from the S&C tearooms). Then in the late ’80s (I think) all the booths were ripped out and replaced with lots of tables. Increased seating, I’m sure, but diminished atmosphere. Now it’s all very dark and stylish. But I didn’t eat there, it just didn’t seem nice.

I amused myself by checking the Armani section. I found a leather jacket that cost about as much as I paid for my car. That’s all very well, but I think my car is more useful and I’d have much more fun in my car than in a diarrhoea-brown leather jacket.

So indeed young Ryan was having a shindig. I showed up to that cafe place on High Street and there was a big old table full of various assorted people. Dylz was there, and so was his new girlfriend, who he met on a dating web site. At one stage Dylz was getting very excited describing one of those vegetable cutting demonstrations at the Easter show, and how it made him want to buy one. I asked him if he was gay, because surely a real man would have a hearty knife set (right, DRZA?). Then this lead to a hysterical sequence of such scenarios as a macho aggro bloke coming home from the pub and being like “julienne me some carrots, bitch.”

Show us ya tits, luv

It turns out that my internet connection problems were caused by version 10.2.4 of OS X, and could be solved by downloading version 10.2.5. Of course, when you’re having trouble connecting to the net, downloading 40 megs is difficult. I’m assuming Apple won’t do anything as diabolical as this again.

It was the last session of MCC. Well, there are monthly meetings until February, but it’s the end of the weekly sessions. We went around in a circle and said nice things about everyone. It was going well until someone described someone else as being sexy, which opened up comments about appearance. Most of the time it was stuff like “you’re beautiful – on the outside and on the inside”, but it reached its nadir when it was my turn to be complimented. One fellow said he found my body really attractive.

And that’s all he talked about, he just sat there, with his black leather shoes and white gym socks, talking about how attractive my body was, totally omitting to comment on anything on the inside. I think for the first time in my life I felt objectified. It was like the times when I used to work near the District Court and I’d walk past and there’d be some dodgy old men who’d make a comment on my boobs. Yuck.

Tomorrow I will spring clean because, y’know, it’s spring in the northern hemisphere.

It’s a hardknock life

The guy at the outdoor equipment store was very nice. He had a hickey on his neck. He gave me a brochure about tents.

There was a special bonus session of the Mind Control Cult today, but I didn’t know (I forgot to check my phone messages), so I missed out. Instead I did my laundry and looked at tents.

I have plans for travel. It’s nice to be able to write that.

Oh, I was stressing earlier because all my files disappeared off my computer. Just bit by bit stuff wasn’t there, then I restarted and it all wasn’t there and it had reverted to the default set-up. After freaking out for a bit I discovered that the folder with all my files had been mysteriously moved to a different location. I moved it back and everything was sweet.

The interesting thing is as soon as I mentioned that I’d been having trouble, a fellow in the (non computer related) IRC channel I was complaining in, immediately started blaming Apple/iBook/OS X, and said I was probably used to it fucking up all the time. Er, no, it’s never fucked up before, and the problem wasn’t unique to having an Apple. I dislike pro-Windows fascist pigs. I used Windows for at least six years and I don’t hate it, but I prefer my Mac.

Actually, I hate all computers equally.


Today I met up with a real proper novelist. This was part of a homework assignment for the MCC. The idea was that I talked to him about being a professional writer and what that involves. It was a little scary. He’s had several books published and one of them made into a movie, but a few times he has to stop and figure out where his income’s going to come from. But ultimately it was encouraging. There’s a bit of hope out there amid the unemployment.

My old flatmate’s cat has been spending most of the time outside or hanging out with the neighbours on either side, but tonight she was meowing outside the front door, so I let her in and she came and sat on the couch with me for a bit. Oh yeah, but as soon as I stood up she raced off into the kitchen and demanded to be fed.

I saw a film today. Yes, it’s true. It was “Crackerjack”. It’s an Australian movie about a yobbo who’s joined a bowling club so he can use their free parking. The bowling club is one short for a weekend game, so they call upon him, and it turns out he’s quite a good player. It was bloody funny. I laughed and laughed. One of the three other people in the theatre laughed too, but as that was Dilly-o and he was sitting in the immediate vicinity of me, that wasn’t surprising.

I was listening to Mai FM and they had a competition to win the Marbeck’s Phat Track, which was a CD single by 50 Cent. To win you had to listen to a scrambled up bit of a song and not only identify the song but also what remix it was. So after hearing just a few seconds I was like “OMG! That’s “Cry Me A River” by Justin Timberlake and it’s the 50 Cent remix!!!!”. I reached for my cellphone to ring Mai FM’s prizeline (the number is programmed in my phone), but I stopped, paused and realised that if I did get through I’d be like “Hi!!! I’m Robyn!!! I’m representing the 630!!!!! Peace II my notorious Mt Eden niggaz!!!!” and someone really cool would probably be listening and they’d be like, “damn, I thought Robyn was cool, but I guess she’s not.” So I didn’t call. I don’t have the 50 Cent single, but I’m still cool.

I wish it was actually Tuesday of next week. I’m so impatient.

Note paper

I have all this excitement and nervous energy. I’m getting a bit sick of it, but it’s good.

The Oscars were cool. I laughed at Steve Martin’s sexist jokes. The best bit was when Michael Moore won the Oscar for best documentary. It was good because he missed out on getting one for “Roger and Me”, but also good because “Bowling for Columbine” is such a good film. And, yeah, it was spectacular when he brought up all the other nominees and said “Shame on you, Mr Bush!” Dissent is beautiful.

I saw “Chicago” again today. I feel like I’m turning into a housewife/gay man. “Chicago” needs to come out on DVD real soon so I can buy it, watch it once, watch the special features (OMG – a karaoke version of “Cell Block Tango”. Wait, no. Bad idea.), then stick the DVD back up on my bookcase and never watch it again.

I’m doing some MCC homework tomorrow. I’m rather excited about that and I will prob’ly write about it tomorrow.

Oh yeah, I haven’t written about the National Young Writer’s Festival, which I went to in October last year. I should get around to that, because there was good stuff happening.


Oh hey, you know what I’m really sick of now? TV commercials that show the basketball court in the park next to Central Road in Kingsland. It’s become shorthand for a hip innercity location, because there’s the Bond Street overbridge in the background, a bit of the North-Western motorway flowing under that, some trees and grass, and of course the basketball court because that’s so hip and urban.

That park is just down the road from the Mind Control Cult headquarters, and it’s not all that hip and urban. I don’t think I’ve ever seen cool young Polynesian guys playing basketball and/or rapping. I’ve seen people playing touch, and once there was a guy asleep under a tree, but no basketball.

I think that now the park has appeared in a Telecom commercial the basketball court in front of the Bond Street overbridge can be considered a cliche. Make it stop.

Electric boogieloo

Beer + couch + The Shrugs’ November EP + […] = well, theoretically it’d work.

Today at los mindo controllo culto it sucko’d. It was hard. It was about dealing with stuff I didn’t want to deal with.

There’s a 30 minute documentary on that was on BBC Radio1 about New Zealand’s current music scene. One of the D4 talks about the “legendary” King’s Arms. But he also says it’s an Irish pub and rambles about going out into the garden bar and engaging in “illicit” activities. But really, there’s the King’s Arse, the Dog’s Bollix , the Temple and… where else do bands regularly play around this town?

Actually, going back to the aforementioned Shrugs, I would like to share this item from the news section on their web site:

Band plays at Pub

The Shrugs played a show at a pub. In other news, the band is heading into the studio to record their next single. Andrew Dean will once again be pressing “record” and “rewind”. Sources close to the band have revealed that all their songs are too short. However, the Shrugs were unable to hear this advice as they were permanently deafened by Rawer, ‘the loudest band on the Kapiti Coast’.

More bands should write stuff like that. It’s funny and it’s true, man.

Ah yeah, ah yeah, ah yeah

Happiness and joy can be found in the mp3 of Nsync doing the a capella Bee Gees medley at the Grammys. When they do “How Deep It Your Love” it’s just brilliant.

MCC was good today. Today we confronted our bullshit. I’m loud and rude and obnoxious but I try to be really nice and polite and well-mannered around people. Arrgh! But the advice is to just ride with it, to not try and ignore the shit. Hey, cool.

I saw the Shrugs play at the Temple tonight. The sound wasn’t all that great, but the Shrugs put on a scorching show. It was big and loud and really bloody choice. Plus also and, all of the Shrugs are hot, and that is what makes rock roll. Yes, come down with me into the swamp. They’re playing tomorrow in Raggiz and I’m going to see them again.


I was at St Lukes today and I saw a guy who’s in a band. A band that’s doing rather well for itself and was even given a full page profile in the last year’s rock issue of The Face. And there he was at this really un-rock mall. Yet he looked undeniably like a rock star. It was like he had this bubble of coolness surrounding him. I, however, felt like a daggy housewife. I was on a mission to get some of that shampoo that doesn’t encourage my hair to frizz up.

Today at the Mind Control Cult (MCC), the Charismatic Cult Leader (CCL) said that people who are all like “oh, I have found enlightenment and inner peace” are deluding themselves and that they are denying all the inevitable shit feelings. You need to come down to earth and feel the dirt between your toes. Ok, that’s a big paraphrase, but it’s all about the meaning, maaan.

It was announced today that M2 will be stopped the weekend after next. Oh, I will miss the late night music video delights. Particularly all the cool homemade videos on Number 8. I have a feeling that it’s going to be replaced with a different type of music video show. This is a good thing because there were parts of M2 that weren’t working. The top 12 was always dominated by the same songs every week, month after month, and it just got boring. DJ Sammy fans also need to feel loved and wanted, unfortunately.

Flex appeal

Today at the Mind Control Cult I discovered that I’m too attached to my possessions. The charismatic cult leader sang “My Funny Valentine”. I discovered my vision.

Doesn’t that just sound fruity? Like, really, really fruity? It is, but in a good way.

I saw “The Hours” today. I was trying to work out why Nicole Kidman looked so very frumpy – it’s because she has a false nose on. She was good in this film because she wasn’t being “Nicole Kidman: Sexy flame-haired sex bomb serious actress”. She was being Virginia Woolfe. It’s a fairly heavy movie, there’s lots of emotions, but in the end everything works out in a satisfactory way. It’s a sad ending, but not a tragic one. There’s death, but it’s more about life than death.

I’m so excited because the Breeders show is tomorrow. I’ve had two dreams over the last few weeks involving seeing the Breeders play. I’m not expecting it to be like a religious experience, I’m not going to be worshipping at the Alter of the Kim and the Kelley, I just want to have a good time.

Oh yeah, speaking of drinking beer. A few months ago I was in Sydney having dinner with a cool guy in a nice Italian restaurant overlooking Darling Harbour (yeah, that happens all the time) and the waiter comes over and asks if we want to order drinks. The guy orders a Boags and asked me if I’d like some wine. Oh no, kind sir. I would like some of that finest Tasmanian lager. I slept alone that night.