Valentine’s Day

It’s around this time of year (id est, a couple of weeks before Valentine’s day) that two things happen.

1. Companies remind people that it is a couple of weeks before Valentine’s day, so they had ought to buy something to show their loved one how much they love their loved one. Suggested gift ideas are things like flowers, greeting cards, chocolates, cuddly toys, jewellery (i.e. stuff that men give to women). I’m guessing that it’s mainly stuff that men give women because if you asked a bloke what he wanted for Valentine’s day his reply would probably be “a root” and no one really makes all that much money from that.

2. Single people get into cynical mode and start going on about how it’s really just an excuse for commercialism and that all how they feel sickened whenever they see lovely dovey couples in love being all snuggly wuggyly and holding hands etc. When someone says “You’re saying that because you’re jealous” the cynical single person then gets really depressed and doesn’t stop being depressed until February 15.

It’s funny how Valentine’s day causes such mixed emotions with people. We certainly don’t see the same sort of ruckus around, say, Arbour Day. Just imagine people being like “Well, no one planted a tree at my place, but I don’t really care anyway, it’s not like I wanted one, I mean, it would have probably been nice to have a little shrub or something, but yeah, it’s all environmental bullshit anyway…”

My own experience with Valentine’s day has been one of very non-involvement. Valentine’s are things that people give to other people. I neither give or receive. Rock on. Last Valentine’s Day I was ill with glandular fever and wuv was the last thing on my mind.

I think this may be because I am lacking the gene that causing appreciation of things like flowers, chocolates and stuffed animals. I’m happy being ambivalent on Valentines day.

So this year there will be commercial Valentines day, and there will be the cynical anti-Valentines day. And I’ll be somewhere else doing something else like planting a tree.