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Today’s been pretty maniacal. I woke up at about 10.30 am, then I realised that my watch was still on Australian time and that it was actually 1.30 pm. So I dragged my tired arse out of bed and went to the gym and managed to get all my washing done just before the Chinese laundry closed.

I felt like just blobbing out on the couch all night, but instead I got in my car and drove down to Hamilton for the Mobile Stud Unit’s 10 Year Anniversary Extravaganza.

Recently the British band suede played a series of shows where they played the songs from all of their previous albums, one album per night. That’s impressive, but that’s not as impressive as what MSU did tonight.

All previous members of MSU were gathered together to recreate previous MSU line-ups. Then each line up played a typical MSU set from that era. Starting from the shithouse days of early 1993 when no one could really play their instruments well, through to today when the musicianship has improved and the songwriting is strong and solid, it was a totally fun evening. All this was held together by the superb frontman skillz of Rohan “Marxi” Marx, the one member of MSU who’d been present in every line-up, and who ties it all together with his green jumpsuit of pleasure.

It was great to be able to yell out the chorus from “Old Cunts” along with other people who also knew the words. Yet “Old Cunts” took on a weird tone with the realisation, as Marxi pointed out, that, um, we’re turning into those old cunts that we mocked when we were 19. Bald heads, wrinkles, fat bellies. Hey, how did that happen?

MSU’s first recording, their 1994 self-released tape “My Pajamas Smell Acidicky” has been rereleased on CD, along with a whole bunch of other tracks from their history. Yes, now I have a digital, albeit fuzzy, version of “Brian Fuckhole”.

But what really made the night bloody excellent was the surprise reforming of Bwa Da Riddum. Like Mr Hodad said, ska bands really need lots of practise or they sound shit. So Bwa Da Riddum, who hadn’t played since they broke up seven years ago, did sound kinda clunky, but I didn’t care. I recognised all their songs and it brought back lots and lots of really good memories of all the times I saw them live. Plus, Clinton the bass player is still really cute. OMG.

There’s an MSU song on the soundtrack for Greg Page’s debut movie “The Locals”. That’s cool – hopefully the soundtrack will sell well and they’ll get lots of royalties. Mr Page was there so I went up to him and asked him if he remembered me from the music video making course he took and I attended at Waikato Polytech summer school back in 1996. He did. I remember during that course saying how cool it would be to make music videos for a living. Back then it wasn’t a possibility, but now it is, and that’s what he’s doing. Music videos, TV ads and, oh, the occasional feature film. So I have much respect and admiration for Pagey because he’s doing what he loves and getting paid for it. He is livin’ the dream, maaan.

Ok, now I need some sleep to prepare myself for the zinestravaganza tomorrow.