I’m really excited because I’ve discovered that Gunt, Hawkes Bay’s premiere metal band, are playing tonight at Rack and Ruin.

They have 11 songs, one of which is called “Linching the Pop Star” – surely a sign that they ought organise a tour of the Hutt Valley asap.

It’s like my subconscious has come to life.

Napier (noun, one who napes)

I’m in the sunny Hawke’s Bay – Napier, to be precise.

The first time I came here was in 1985 when I was 10. I remember looking at all the art deco buildings and taking photos and learning all about the earthquake (for art deco buildings and the earthquake is how Napier defines itself).

Then I had a friend who was going to polytech here, so I visited here about once a year in ’93, ’94 and ’95. My memories of those days are of peach schnapps and black sambuca, but that’s what teenz are into.

And now I have the city all to myself as a grown-up!

The hotel (secretly, motel) I’m staying at is across the road from Marineland. At night I heard some sea creatures wailing. It was hilarious. I composed a poem. (It is art and should not be laughed at.)

Kelly the dolphin.
Your friend Shona the dolphin
Did you cry?
Or did you put on a brave face
for the tourists?
Do the seals perform
or do they mourn?
Lonely is a porpoise
without a purpose.

I’ve been wandering around looking at buildings and stuff. What else is there to do in Napier? Any suggestions are welcome – I’m here till Sunday.