Getting Reviewed

Through some freak of nature, my web site ended by being reviewed in the November 1997 issue of “NetGuide” magazine.

“Robyn’s Web creation efforts began in 1996 with some bad advice from her father. The site is much better today, but you can still check out the early efforts on the site. The “bits” section is particularly interesting, describing Robyn’s experiences on IRC and her first non-enthusiastic comment on her site.”

It’s an ok review, although it seems like all that was looked at was the Bits page and nothing else.

But what disturbs me is the context in which the review is presented. It shares page 89 with reviews of six other sites. The page heading describes them as “eight of the nation’s best personal home pages”. Apart from the fact that there are only seven, it should also be noted of the six others, all but one are total crap.

Ugly animated GIFs, Java that won’t go away, badly designed pages about complete shite. Stuff that makes the BadWickedEvil page seem normal. And in the middle is my page, probably seeming just as retarded in the company.

The rest of the magazine was pretty good. Interesting articles and reviews, and really good layout.

But as cool as it is to be reviewed (and it is cool), it’s kind of disappointing to be classified with dicks.