Pancake Porno

My feet have high arches. Normally this doesn’t mean much when I’m buying shoes, unless I’m buying slip-ons. About three years ago I bought a pair of slip-on shoes. They seemed to fit ok in the shop, but when I wore them for the first time on the street, I discovered, to my horror, they they were not able to stay on my feet. The sharply sloping tops of my feet were not able to stay under the band across the shoe, meaning that my feet slid back in the shoe.

Today, wanting to avoid this, I tried on four different styles in different sizes. I did fast-paced laps around the shop, trying to put my feet through the paces. Two styles wouldn’t stay on my feet, another one stayed on, but my heels were sitting on the outer edge. Finally I found a style with a nice high heel that forced my feet to stay in place. And they were $20 cheaper than the price sticker.

I did my shopping out at the Botany Centre. It was such a lovely day that I didn’t want to spend it inside a mall, so I did the next best thing, and spend it outside a mall. The giant carpark was almost full, and there were heaps of cars circling for parks close to the shops. I knew the easiest way to get a park was to drive to the furthest part of the carpark. It worked, I got a space and enjoyed a lovely walk in the sunshine – and I had entertainment thanks to the 30-something guy walking in front of me wearing a pair of lavender trousers pulled right up his bum with a droopy cream polo shirt tucked into them.

The Pak’n Save supermarket there sells petrol. It’s totally self-service, requiring payment be made with a credit card with a PIN. It was a vaguely novelty, but as I was driving home I noticed that the nearest BP (and it’s BP who provide the petrol for Pac n Save) was selling petrol for exactly the same price.

When I got home I decided that as it was Sunday, pancakes with banana and maple syrup were in order. It looked so good I took a picture: