This is what happens when I’m on the late-late shift

I realised I hadn’t done a haircut post in a while – one of those, “Hey, check out my choice haircut that a) will never look as good as this again, and b) cost me a million euros so I want to get my money’s worth” posts.

But this time was special – I had my camera with me.


My hair is full of foils, and I am waiting for the colour to develop. Kokomo has an excellent selection of magazines. I always make sure to read the latest issue of Flaunt, which would otherwise cost $25 at Magazzino.

I’m surprised at how well this one photo turned out. I put the camera up on the back of the couch, stuck the auto-timer on, and hoped for the best.

Afterwards I went to the cafe formerly known as Atomic and had a double-shot latte.

Hair done

At the hairdressers I’d had two other cups of strong coffee. All up, I’d had about six shots of coffee in about three hours, and it got me high so I walked along Ponsonby Road delighting in the loveliness of it all.

Other photos from my Ponsonby excursion, including some cool stencil stuff, can be found here.

Fun for the whole family

First, a random quote:

“This will be a free family fun day with lots of prizes and fun activities for the whole family.”

Are things like this ever really fun for the whole family? Or do guilty parents drag their kids along for some quality time, ignoring the fact that staying indoors with the Barbies and the Playstation might actually be their kid’s preferred use of the day. Maybe.

Hey, part two of the tentative series about alternatives to Starbucks.

When the Ponsonby Road Starbucks opened, people reckoned on of two things would happened. Either the Starbucks would suck up all the business of the local cafes, forcing the locally owned cafes to close and transforming the Three Lamps End of Ponsonby Road into even more of a mall. Or no one would go to the Starbucks and it would close in a couple of months.

Neither happened. The Starbucks happily co-exists along with the cafes down that end of Ponsonby Road. Even just a quick walk-by will show that the kind of people who go to that Starbucks aren’t the kind of people who’d normally go to any of the other cafes.

But anyway, just down from Starbucks is Espresso Love. I have much love for Espresso Love. It’s very hippyish and there’s all this new age decor. They do a larger than usual amount of vegan menu items, but there’s meat there too. They also do a range of really good smoothies. But I was there for the coffee. I ordered a latte and went out into the garden out the back.

There was a little fountains and heaps of plants. Its was lovely. The coffee came in a bowl, which I don’t like, but I guess latte-in-bowls is just a cultural quirk of New Zealand, up with which I should put. But it was good coffee, very creamy, which I think makes a good latte.

Blah blah blah coffee.