Stone Cold Quizzin’

Tuesday night pub quiz. Entertainment section. A clip of Young MC’s “Bust A Move” was played. The question was asked if it was released in 1989, 1991 or 1993.

I was like “I know this! I had this tape! It was my favourite song!” and wrote down 1991. But it was 1989. And we had double points riding on that round.

My memory failed me because while “Bust A Move” was released in 1989, it didn’t really pick up the pace until 1990, and also my absolute favourite Young MC songs, “Pick Up the Pace” and “Keep It In Your Pants”, were from his 1991 album, Brainstorm.

So as a result, my team came third and won a $25 bar tab*. But just think of the riches and glory that could have been ours had we come second or first.

Attempting to console myself for this devastating loss, I’ve been watching old Young MC videos on YouTube.

Now, I wrote this record for when I perform, lonely nights inside the university dorm…

* But really, third place and a $25 bar tab is awesome.