Oh yes, so I’ve written a review of the Ska-B-Q which can be found at NZMusic.

This is what a Ska-B-Q looks like.

A live action shot of the kick-arse finale, where various other musicians from the other bands came on stage to join The WBC in a scorching cover of The Special’s “A Message To You Rudy”.


Ok, see along the bottom on the left there’s a guy with a black thing with a white line on his head? Ok, look above that and you’ll see me. Blonde hair, dark blue t-shirt. And I’m waving my hands in the air and waving them like I just don’t care.

Best w00da show ever

I skanked so hard. I was sweating, there were people around me throwing water, it was a magnificently awesome night.

Then at the end of the WBC’s set, they dragged a bunch of the horn players from other bands on stage and conducted a skankolicious version of The Specials’ “A Message To You Rudy”, and everyone jumped along and yelled and it was good.

Full proper review to come when I’ve had some sleep and are capable of coherent thought.