The WBC were playing at the Civic’s Wintergarden (I mention the Civic part so no one mistakenly thinks that the w00da were providing the soundtrack to a bunch of cruisy gay sex, a la the Wintergarden at the Domain). It was part of the AK03 festival thing. I think at this stage it’s best to just call it a festival thing, cos it’s going to take a few more goes before it can develop into a fully fledged festival.

The Wintergarden was beautiful, as always. In one corner there were some little dividers that made a kind of harem area. Through the gauze curtains were some low tables and cushions. All that was missing was a selection of pita bread and dips.

I noticed a number of little stands around the place with a New Zealand and Canadian flag stuck into them. Then I noticed a sign proclaiming “Canadian Consulate Trade Office”. Yeah, the Canadians went on a group outing to see the WBC. How aboot that, eh?

I find being in the Wintergarden really frustrating because I can’t quite reconcile the current Wintergarden with my memory of the old Wintergarden movie theatre that used to be there. I know that the ceiling of the Wintergarden movie theatre kind of stuck up into the front of the Civic stage. But… oh, it just doesn’t make sense. On the open day, when the Civic was first refurbished, I asked one of the old people guides about it, but he just got confused and started talking about the paintwork. Maybe there’s some sort of Tardis effect happening?

Oh yes, the WBC were cool. “I can’t dance,” one drunken lady was heard yelling at her mates. “I’m almost 30!” But they dragged her on the dancefloor and she danced anyway. Such is the magical power of the WBC. And it was cool to see a cheer of recognition go through the crowd when “Ease Ya Mind” was played.

There was a bunch of crap going on outside the Civic. Part of Queen Street had been closed off. At one end was a cheap carnival ride, at the other end was a stage where a DJ was playing some technological dance music. A small group of people were standing near the stage jiggling about, while a larger group just stood around watching. There were a number of stands from the Aotea markets selling stuff like fudge and lanterns.

Then, suddenly, it started raining, and thunder and lightning came visiting.