Music from the future

My iPod did the magical life soundtrack thing, just like it did that time with the cherry incident.

I’d just left the hairdressers and was walking down Ponsonby Road with every hair on my head straightened dead straight, thanks to the trainee girl running wild with the GHDs. I stuck my iPod on shuffle, and first up was “Modernist Cut” by the L.E.D.s, which goes, “Nice cut – a modern cut.”
Oh, thanks, guys.

This segues nicely into some pro-L.E.D.s propaganda, cos they are my new favourite band. The L.E.D.s are from Christchurch and Wellington and, according to their MySpace page, play music of a pop/electro/indie variety.

I think they sound like music from a future where humans have reached an uneasy truce with their robot overlords and create subdued but subversive music in a reaction to the crazy new world they live in.

But that’s just my take on them. Apparently the kids in Christchurch do non-ironic robot dancing at their lives shows, which is rad.

The L.E.D.s are playing tonight at the Karajoz Great Blend in Wellington, and on Saturday at the Karajoz Great Blend in Auckland (which is going to be so good), and also squeezing in a support gig for Disasteradio at the Dog’s Bollix tomorrow.

So if you like music from the future, put on your silver disco trousers and go and see them.