It’s ok. I don’t need to eat.

Last week I took my car to get a warrant of fitness. My vehicle was failed, FAILED!, for the following reasons:

– My front left tyre, the one that had got a little bit flat, and that I couldn’t get any air in, had worn down to give a tread of 0mm, under the legally allowed limit.
– My front right headlight’s plastic cover was discoloured. This wasn’t quite enough to fail the headlight check, but the guy said that I should get some stainless steel polish and that would get rid of the discolouration.
– He also noted that he’d had trouble getting the car started, and that I might want to get my battery looked at.

Yeah, ok. Cheers mate.

There was a delay in getting a new tyre for my car. First it needed to be ordered in, then it didn’t. But it meant that for a week I couldn’t use my warantless car.

So I walked to the gym (it’s surprisingly not far), to the supermarket (hey, it’s just down the hill), to work (well, I do anyway), or I got the bus if I felt slack. I discovered that I have way more stamina that I’d previously thought. I walked to Ponsonby and back yesterday afternoon without feeling sore or tired.

I took to my headlight cover with a little Brasso and was amazed to see the murky yellow-brown plastic magically wipe away to be perfectly clear. Hey, maybe the WOF guy actually knew what he was talking about.

Then today I went to take my car back to the tyre place and discovered that my car wouldn’t start. Yeah, a couple of days of non-use had taken its toll on the battery. I called the battery guy and he gave me a jump start and told me to drive it around for about 20 minutes.

After I’d done that I finally made it to the tyre place. I left my car and (as per the tyre guy’s instructions) went for a walk because it was such a nice day. When I returned I discovered that they hadn’t been able to start my car, but they sold batteries too so I had to bought one too. Then finally I got the warrant of fitness.

And that, my friends, is where all my money went.

Abandon ship

I was stopped at some traffic lights and I happened to glance at the vehicle registration card, stuck to the windscreen in its little plastic sleeve. I was trying to read the expiry date, which was a little hard to do because it was backwards and slightly obscured by a seatbelt reminder message printed on the plastic sleeve. But from what I could see, the registration expired in August, Ok, cool. Then I looked closer. August 2002. Uh oh.

So I after I dropped my clothes off at the Chinese laundry I went off to the vehicle testing station to get a warrant of fitness. My car failed that because the two front tyres were worn. Over at the tyre place down the road I discovered that they were so worn that there were bits of non-rubber stuff showing through. The tyre guy said it was due to the wheels not being aligned properly. So new tyres today, alignment tomorrow and then I should be able to get a warrant of fitness and then get the registration.

While I was waiting for the new tyres to be fitted I read a book in that park in Kingsland. It was nice (both the book and the park). Waiting to get the tyres done also meant that I didn’t get to pick up my washing before the laundry closed. So until tomorrow I’m stuck in my laundry day clothes, which feels feels a little strange.

Some girls dream of having a sugar daddy who’ll buy them jewellery and take them out to dinner at expensive restaurants. I wouldn’t mind a sugar daddy who’ll buy me tyres and pay for wheel alignment, man.