Three things the recent stormy weather did

  1. It moistened a bunch of posters stuck to a fence, causing the posters to peel off. This revealed “FUCK” written on the fence in black paint – a reminder of a simpler time before the fence was a medium for poster ads. The stormy weather then finished things off by blowing the fence over. Man, the wind is so puuuuunk.

    Peeled posters, hidden meaning

  2. It broke off a bunch of branches from trees. Every park I’ve seen is covered with branches. It gives inner city parks that gnarled urban wasteland look that was quite fashionable in the mid to late ’90s. Obviously this is incredibly naff, so they should be cleaned up asap.
  3. It put a pine tree twig in my bath. I’m not sure how it got there, but somehow a twig from a tree two properties away ended up sitting in the bottom of my bath. Logically it seems that the wild wind blew it in through a gap in the bathroom window, but I suspect that actually the branch fled from the bitter outdoors and sought refuge in my bath.

Alleged So-Called Summer II: Hail, hail, hail.

Today’s weather has alternated between bursts of sunshine, and wind and rain. The bits of sun have been nice, but the wind and rain have sucked, as using an umbrella on a windy day requires extreme upper-body strength.

Then only a few minutes ago, after having noticed it was rather cold and so turned on my heater, I heard that rare but not unfamiliar sound of sharp raps against the windows. I looked outside and saw the front lawn being covered in little white pellets. Yes, it was hailing.

My doormat gave this testimony:


Please don’t let this white Christmas thing actually happen for real.