About me

Tokyo, February 2011.
Tokyo, February 2011.

I started this website in 1996 – the wild frontier days of the web. Since then I’ve tamed it into a collection of writing (and photos) about the world out there.

One of my favourite things is exploring the cities, towns and one-dairy villages that make up New Zealand, and then distilling the experience into words and pictures.

When I’m not writing here, you can find me over at 5000 Ways to Love You, deep in my mission to watch every NZ On Air-funded music video.

I grew up in Hamilton (or thereabouts), and dropped out of a media studies degree, distracted and excited by the promise of the online world. It didn’t let me down. I lived in Auckland and Wellington where I worked in the internet industry, the web, then broadcasting.

I’m 40 and I live in the coastal Waikato town of Raglan-by-the-sea.


Is email even still a thing? If so, email me: robyn.gallagher@gmail.com

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