Movie star/frumpy hobag

It turns out that I now have an entry on the Internet Movie Database.

Yes, I am immortalised there for my part as Waiting Room Woman in Andy Conlan’s brilliant 2003 short film “Soulmate”. I had no dialogue, but I did have to giggle with excitement, which was difficult to do on cue, until Andy starting saying “www dot peaches and cream dot co dot nz” which made me giggle like a little girl.

In fact, here is a pic from that scene:


Regarding the costume: I was trying to do the stripy top with a polar fleece vest thing. Unfortunately the only stripy top I owned had dark purple, crimson and navy blue stripes, which didn’t have the same effect as, say navy blue and white. I didn’t have a polar fleece vest, so I had to borrow one from a friend. It was one from some sort of conference and was about two sizes too big. As a result it makes me look like I have no tits and a huge arse, which is perfect because the character is a frumpy hobag.

The film used to be online at, but that site has broken, so now Soul Mate is but a memory.